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Financing an acquisition: what are the options?

January 26, 2021
Do you want to take over a company? And are you figuring out the different options? Then you have probably already figured out that a business takeover did not just happen overnight. There is a lot involved and we are not just talking about the paperwork. Getting financing for a business acquisition can be a burden ...
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How do I prepare for an investor?

January 25, 2021
As a (starting) entrepreneur it often happens that you need money. A new company needs start-up capital and investments are needed to (continue to) grow. You can turn to your bank for a business loan , but there are also other financing options ...
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How can a micro credit grow your business?

December 16, 2020
It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a loan from a bank for the start or growth of a business. That is why more and more entrepreneurs are opting for microcredit. This is a business loan of up to logo.png 50,000 for (starting) SME entrepreneurs. Money is needed at every stage of the business. Especially when there are large expenses ...
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More options finance commercial real estate

November 5, 2020

For many entrepreneurs a dilemma: continue to rent or buy a business property? Starting entrepreneurs often choose to rent. This gives more flexibility. In addition, traditional banks are less willing to provide business loans to start-ups than before. Especially after the new European r ...

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What is the credit risk?

October 13, 2020

Borrowing money is always accompanied by risks. Both for the entrepreneur who borrows the money and for the lender. The lender runs the risk that he or she can no longer bear the financial burden. And the bank or other lender may have to deal with entrepreneurs who do not pay back the loan. The latter risk falls under the credit risk ...

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Why do banks ask for collateral?

August 31, 2020

Do you want to take out a business loan with a bank? Then security is almost always requested. But what are these certainties? And why do banks ask for this? The bank wants to get security back in exchange for lending money. In other words: the bank lends you money as an entrepreneur and in return wants a right to something that you own or ...

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The assessment of a funding application

August 31, 2020

Do you want to take out a business loan ? Then it is necessary to submit a financing application. Banks impose all kinds of requirements on entrepreneurs before they approve an application for financing. This can make getting a business loan a long-term process. When assessing a financier ...

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Growing popularity of crowdfunding

August 10, 2020

You have certainly come across a crowdfunding campaign. This form of financing is extremely popular among start-ups, but companies and individuals are also increasingly finding ways to find online crowdfunding platforms. But what is crowdfunding really? And what are the advantages of this way of financing? Crowdfunding is nothing but gel ...

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The interest: what is it actually?

July 25, 2020

If you want to take out a business loan, this is always accompanied by paying an interest rate on the amount to be borrowed. But what exactly is interest? And how is the interest rate determined? Interest is the fee you pay for borrowing money. You can best see this as a kind of rent that you pay for borrowing money. Because the g ...

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Growth in alternative forms of financing for SMEs

June 19, 2020

A large part of SMEs is still financed by bank financing. Alternative forms of financing are increasing every year in the Netherlands. SMEs are increasingly opting for financing outside the bank. For example, the growth in non-bank financing was 26% in 2019. 22% of SMEs now choose to finance their activities on non-bank ...

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