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Lane business

Lane, a trading name of AEGON Bank NV, is a relative newcomer among the banks. Lane operates completely online and has no branches. Their starting point is that the interests of the customer must come first. As a business customer, you benefit from this in the form of being able to close an account quickly and easily, the very low costs for small businesses and self-employed people and the transparent pricing structure.

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  • Very low package costs compared to other business accounts.
  • Unlimited number of checking and savings accounts at no extra cost.
  • The first 1000 transactions for free every year.
  • Credit interest on your checking account.
  • Excellent and personalized customer service.
  • Open or switch an account quickly and easily.


  • No options to deposit cash.
  • No business credit possible.
  • Lane does not offer insurance itself (but it does offer the option to compare other providers).

All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 6.00 = $ 72.00
Debit card Free
Second debit card Free
Internet banking Free
Credit transfer $ 0.10 per transaction *
Cashless debit $ 0.10 per transaction *
Extra checking account Free
Extra savings account Free
Credit card First year free, then $ 85 **
Use a debit card in the euro zone Free
Use a debit card outside the euro zone 0.50%
Credit interest checking account 0.10% (up to a balance of $ 250,000)
Debit interest checking account 5.00%
Link with accounting package $ 1.50 per month per package

* The first 1000 transactions per year are free.
** If you spent at least $ 2,500 in the previous year with the credit card, it is free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a business account with Lane suitable for?
With 1,000 free transactions per year, excellent personalized customer service, and loads of online tools, Lane is best suited for self-employed and small business owners who have a limited number of cashless transactions per year.

Lane uses as acceptance criteria: a maximum of 10 employees and an annual turnover or capital of a maximum of $ 2 million. Also, only companies in the legal forms eg, general partnership, partnership and sole proprietorship are eligible. There are also a number of sectors that Lane does not want to do business with. An overview can be found on the Lane acceptance criteria page.

How do I open a business account with Lane?
You can request a business account online at Lane. After entering some personal and company details, a check takes place, which usually does not take longer than a few minutes. After approval you have direct online access to your account.

Can I also insure myself with Lane?
It is not possible to take out insurance with Lane. Lane does offer the option to compare insurance policies from more than 20 providers, via their website or a special app.

Can I have an overdraft on my business account at Lane?
Yes, this is allowed, provided you have sufficient counter balance on your savings account (s) or other checking account (s) at Lane. You can then set a credit limit yourself between $ 250 and $ 50,000. You pay an interest of 5% effective on an annual basis for overdrafts. An interest of 14% applies to unauthorized overdrafts.

Can I deposit cash with Lane?
No, this is not possible. Lane only processes digital transactions.

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