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Grow Business Account

The market leader in business accounts for small entrepreneurs is one of the major Dutch banks: Grow. This is partly due to the relatively low rates, certainly in comparison with the other major banks. For entrepreneurs under one year of age, Grow offers the Starter Package, which offers attractive benefits. After 6 months you can choose to place your banking affairs in an Entrepreneur Package. Grow is not the cheapest business account. (starting) Entrepreneurs may be able to contact Lane Zakelijk

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  • Attractive discounts and promotions for starting entrepreneurs.
  • The possibilities of a large bank for relatively affordable costs.
  • Many possibilities to expand, for example a payment terminal package or a foreign currency account.


  • Office visit required to close a business account.
  • No credit interest on checking account.

All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 9.90 = $ 118.80 *
Debit card Included in package ($ 1.25 per month)
Second debit card 12 x $ 1.25 = $ 15; $ 8 replacement pass
Internet banking Included in package ($ 3.75 per month)
Credit transfer $ 0.10 **
Cashless debit $ 0.10 **
Collection costs (additional) $ 0.11 **
Collection costs (off) $ 0.11 **
Extra checking account 12 x $ 4.90 = $ 58.80
Credit card $ 37.50 ( compare all credit cards )
Use a debit card in the euro zone Free
Use a debit card outside the euro zone $ 2.25 per transaction + 1.10%
Credit interest checking account 0%
Debit interest checking account Variable
Link with accounting package Free

* If you have a Starter package for the first 6 months, they are free.
** The Starter package offers efficient payment transactions for free for the first 6 months. You can find out what the Grow counts as efficient payment traffic on the page with the cost overview of the Grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is a business account with Grow suitable?

De Grow offers the Entrepreneur Package for SMEs and small entrepreneurs. Starting entrepreneurs who have been in existence for less than a year also benefit from extra benefits with the Starter Package. Because you have access to almost all business products from Grow with the Entrepreneur Package, this package is suitable for most entrepreneurs in this segment. As a large bank, the Grow is also a good partner for large companies.

How do I open a business account with Grow?

To open a business account with the Grow, the Grow asks you to visit one of their branches. You can make an appointment and fill in all the necessary details online. It is also possible to visit an ING branch without an appointment. Bring a valid ID and your Chamber of Commerce number with you when you visit.

Can I also insure myself with Grow?

Yes. Grow offers the daily cancellable Guarantee Package for entrepreneurs, with attractive package discounts, to cover the most important risks for your company.

Can I be overdrawn on my business account at Grow?

If you need to finance debtors or stocks and your balance is not sufficient, you can request a current account Credit request from Grow. This Credit has a term of one year, within which you may be overdrawn in your business checking account up to a monthly decreasing limit. Interest is charged on this in line with the market. Unauthorized overdraft costs 14% interest.

Can I deposit cash with Grow?

You can deposit cash at any ING branch or service point. This is possible during opening hours via a deposit machine, and 24/7 via a sealbag safe. Grow also offers a Pin Package Complete if you also want to accept pin payments.

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