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Sprout Bancorp Business account

Although the Sprout Bancorp targets start-ups with a lot of benefits in the first year, it is one of the more expensive banks for a business account after that. On the other hand, the Sprout Bancorp is a very accessible bank, both by telephone and in one of the many branches. Moreover, as a major bank, the Sprout Bancorp offers many expansion options for growing companies. For self-employed people, Sprout Bancorp has developed the accounting app Tellow, which costs $ 5 per month plus 29 cents per receipt or invoice.

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  • Large, stable sofa with a lot of security.
  • The first year is free for starters.
  • Lots of extra benefits and discounts on other products, such as insurance, for starters.
  • Easy to expand with a wide range of services and products.


  • Relatively expensive package and transaction costs.
  • More expensive Internet banking Professional needed for accounting link.
  • No credit interest.

All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 9.95 = $ 119.40 *
Debit card Included in package ($ 19.80 per month)
Second debit card 12 x $ 1.65 = $ 19.80
Internet banking Included in package ($ 3 per month)
Credit transfer $ 0.15
Cashless debit $ 0.08
Collection costs (additional) $ 0.10
Collection costs (off) $ 0.10
Extra checking account $ 5.30 x 12 = $ 63.60
Credit card $ 33 ( compare all credit cards )
Withdraw money with world pass $ 0.25
Credit interest checking account 0%
Debit interest checking account Variable
Link with accounting package $ 6 (Internet Banking Professional)

* The first 12 months are free with the Rabo Starter Benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a business account with Sprout Bancorp suitable for?

The Sprout Bancorp has services and products for all businesses, large and small. As a starter, you can take advantage of a year-long benefit, but for smaller entrepreneurs there may be cheaper alternatives, in the long run. The Sprout Bancorp does focus specifically on self-employed people, with innovations such as the accounting app Tellow.

How do I open a business account with Sprout Bancorp?

If you are already a private customer of Sprout Bancorp and if your company is a sole proprietorship or eg with 1 director / major shareholder, you can open a business account directly online. In other cases, you can fill in an application form online and Sprout Bancorp will contact you by phone within two working days to make arrangements.

Can I also insure myself with Sprout Bancorp?

Yes. The Sprout Bancorp has an exclusive range of Interpolis Insurance for entrepreneurs. Has your company been in existence for less than a year? Then you can take advantage of the starter's benefit and get a business liability insurance for free for the first 6 months.

Can I be overdrawn on my business account with Sprout Bancorp?

If you do not have enough funds to finance inventory or debtors, for example, you can request a Credit request from the Sprout Bancorp current account. You can request online, but the Sprout Bancorp also requires a personal conversation. The term is determined in consultation. The interest you pay is in line with the market and depends on the amount withdrawn.

Can I deposit cash at Sprout Bancorp?

You can deposit cash money yourself at Sprout Bancorp via a deposit machine during opening hours of the branch, or 24/7 via a sealbag machine. In addition, you can collect money at the Sprout Bancorp by means of security transport. The Sprout Bancorp also offers solutions for debit card payments via a payment terminal.

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