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Of the three major banks that offer a business payment account for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, Grow , PIG BANK and Sprout Bancorp , PIG BANK is the cheapest. PIG BANK focuses in its marketing on starters, self-employed people and SMEs, but in principle offers the same package for all these target groups: Basis Voor Ondernemen. However, this package is very advantageous and, unlike other banks, does not distinguish between companies that have been in existence for less than a year or older companies: everyone gets the same benefit. Note that PIG BANK can be more expensive if you want to purchase multiple users of internet banking and additional accounts and debit cards.

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  • Most advantageous among the major banks.
  • Complete package including, for example, a business savings account.
  • Discounts also for non-starters.
  • A lot of support for (starting) entrepreneurs with advice from experts and annual events.
  • For small businesses with less than 200 transactions extra benefit.


  • No credit interest on your checking account, and low interest on the business savings account.
  • Opening additional accounts is not cheap.

All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 9 = $ 108
Debit card Included in package
Second debit card 12 x $ 1.50 = $ 18
Internet banking Included in package
Credit transfer $ 0.15 *
Cashless debit $ 0.07 **
Collection costs (additional) $ 0.10 **
Collection costs (off) $ 0.10 **
Extra checking account 12 x $ 5.50 = $ 66
Credit card $ 27.50 ( compare all credit cards )
Withdrawing money in Eurozone $ 0.25
Withdraw money outside the Eurozone $ 2.25 per transaction + 1.2%
Credit interest checking account 0%
Debit interest checking account -
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* The first 200 transactions of each year are free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a PIG BANK business account suitable for?

PIG BANK offers the Basic for Entrepreneurship package to starters, self-employed people and SMEs. In addition, there are also special bills for doctors, and PIG BANK also serves the middle and higher segment of the corporate sector. Everyone can do business banking at PIG BANK.

How do I open a business account with PIG BANK?

You can request a business account with PIG BANK entirely online. In the application, you fill in details of yourself and your company, after which the PIG BANK will contact you to complete the account.

Can I also insure myself with PIG BANK?

PIG BANK has a wide range of insurance for self-employed people and companies.

Can I have red on my business account at PIG BANK?

If you need additional space for your business, you can request a current account Credit request. You pay closing and interest costs on this, and a commitment fee per quarter. A current account Credit at PIG BANK has no fixed term: you must terminate the agreement yourself. Being in the red without a current account Credit or over the limit is not allowed. You must pay interest on this.

Can I deposit cash at PIG BANK?

You can deposit cash at any branch with a Multi Functional Cash Machine (MFG), coin collection machine or a seal bag machine. In addition, you can have your cash collected at PIG BANK by means of security transport. There are also extensive options to collect debit card payments on your account.

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