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SON Bank

The SON bank offers two different packages for entrepreneurs. In addition to a standard business package, with common options and rates, there is a stripped-down version that offers fewer options, but at an affordable all-in-one rate: the SON self-employed account. We have broken down both accounts in the cost overview.

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All costs of the bill

self-employed account SON Business account
Annual package costs 12 x $ 7.50 = $ 90 12 x $ 6.58 = $ 78.96
Debit card Included in package Included in package
Second debit card - 12 x $ 1.08 = $ 12.96
Internet banking Included in package Included in package
Credit transfer Free* $ 0.14
Cashless debit Free* $ 0.07 **
Collection costs (additional) Free* $ 0.08
Collection costs (off) Free* $ 0.09
Credit card Optional ( compare all credit cards ) Optional ( compare all credit cards )
Withdrawing money in the euro zone Free $ 0.23
Withdrawing money outside the euro zone $ 2.25 $ 2.25
Pay debit card in Eurozone Free $ 0.05
Pay by bank card outside the Eurozone $ 0.15 $ 0.15
Credit interest checking account Variable*** 0%
Debit interest checking account 10% 10%
Link with accounting package - -

* Up to 1,000 transactions per year are allowed for a self-employed Account.
** SON uses graduated discount for business depreciations: for 0 - 2,500 transactions $ 0.07 per transaction; at 2,500 - 7,500 $ 0.05, and at over 7,500, $ 0.04.
*** Up to $ 5,000 balance.


  • Affordable packages for both self-employed and small businesses.
  • Credit interest for self-employed people.
  • Many expansion options that are also accessible to the self-employed Account.


  • No link with accounting package possible.
  • Deposit cash only via security transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is a business account with SON suitable?

The self-employed Account is explicitly aimed at entrepreneurs without employees or partners, in the legal form of sole proprietorship or eg. In addition, you may not process more than 1,000 transactions per year on the business account.

The Business Account is suitable for larger companies, up to about 10 employees, with no more than 2 representatives for the bank. Both accounts (self-employed and business account) can be expanded with extras, such as a payment terminal for pin payments, iDeal or a credit card.

How do I open a business account with SON?

Both the self-employed account and the business account can be requested online at SON. After filling in your personal details and some details of your company, you will receive an account number within 5 working days.

Can I also insure myself with SON?

Yes. SON offers a wide range of insurance for small entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

Can I have red on my business account at SON?

On a Business account you can agree with the SON on a limit to which you can be overdrawn. You then pay 10% interest on it. You may not be overdrawn on a self-employed Account. If you do end up in the red (or exceed the limit on your Business account), you must pay 10% interest on the negative balance.

Can I deposit cash with SON?

Yes. However, you cannot do this yourself in a deposit machine or seal bag. SON only offers the possibility to deposit cash via security transport. Of course there is the possibility to collect debit card payments into your account with an ATM, both for the self-employed Account and the Business Account.

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