’22 Steps Forward: Industry Leaders Reveal Their Hopes for 2022 – Pt 3 | Management

It’s time for the third part of music weekThe series of music industry hopefuls for the year ahead, and this episode kicks off with revered executive Jackie Davidson calling for more diversity and inclusion in the business.

Read on to find out what star songwriter and Girls I Rate founder Carla Marie Williams, Warner Chappell’s Shani Gonzales, Sony Music Publishing’s David Ventura and more are looking forward to in 2022. Catch up on the parties 1 and 2, and expect more very soon…

Jackie Davidson, Founder, JD Management: “It would be amazing in 2022 to see major labels, publishers and DSPs continue to be active in promoting diversity and inclusion within their workforce. Breaking this glass ceiling is and should be a top priority, identifying and training diverse employees for the roles of department head, president and up to board level is a must. It would be amazing to see songwriters get a better share of streaming revenue and adopt a standard practice of giving them points on records the same way producers receive. After all, song is king.

Carla Marie Williams, Founder, Girls I Rate/Songwriter: “That the GIR receives the support and funding it needs to excel, allowing us to propel ourselves to our full potential. I also look forward to returning to America to finish what I started.

Shani Gonzales, MD, Warner Chappell UK: “More people in positions that reflect the diversity of music and artist we all listen to!”

David Ventura, Co-Managing Director, Sony Music Publishing: “Live music will be back in full swing, all over the world.”

Aled Haydn Jones, director of BBC Radio 1: “That the radio industry work more closely together to ensure that young audiences get what they want from us, and that the music industry continues to work more closely with us to ensure the global success of new artists British.”

I hope we will continue to support the initiatives that were born following the death of George Floyd

Sheniece Charway, YouTube Music

Sukhraj Johal, Managing Director, Warner Records: “For the three major labels to address gender and ethnic representation and the pay gap.”

Merck Mercuriadis, Founder/CEO, Hipgnosis Songs: “That we will make further progress by changing the paradigms that do not recognize the value of the songwriter and do not compensate him properly. Songwriters deserve it!

Sheniece Charway, Artist Relations Manager, YouTube Music: “I hope we will continue to support all the organizations and initiatives that were born out of the death of George Floyd. I hope we can have more historic moments that we can all celebrate together.

Crispin Hunt, President, The Ivors Academy: “That we take meaningful steps towards an ethical industry that takes seriously its responsibilities to care for people and the planet. We cannot tolerate bullying, harassment and discrimination; toxic work cultures; coercive contracts and corporate greed. We cannot shrug our shoulders and say that change is not possible or that it is too difficult or complicated, because change is coming. We live at a volatile intersection between the digital industrial revolution and a digitally empowered political revolution. Lockdown has allowed the world to re-evaluate its relationship with music, the world now wants Music Business to re-evaluate its relationship with Music’s Makers. It’s time to reform.

Ed Howard, Co-Chairman, Atlantic Records UK: “That we continue in the positive direction of greater inclusion, diversity and mutual understanding.”

Zena White, MD Supporter: “I hope that as the value of music to financiers continues to grow, we will be able to prioritize the health and well-being of artists at the center of it all. At the same time, I hopes we will encourage artists to learn better how to negotiate with their own rights.

Alex Boateng, Co-Chair, 0207 Def Jam: “Less zooms! More quality music.

We need to support our female artists and break more female artists

Cassandra Gracey

Cassandra Gracey, President, 4th Floor Creative: “As a company, we need to support our female artists and break more female artists. I will certainly do my part. I also hope to have a lot of fun, attend a lot more gigs, festivals, and enjoy all the reasons we got into the music industry in the first place…and ideally a lot less Teams calls .

Rob Pascoe, Managing Director, Motown UK: “Let the live music industry fully return to form.”

Helen Smith, Executive Chair, IMPALA: “Digital services are testing our streaming plan’s recommendations to change the way revenue is allocated, seeing the European Commission clarify its copyright law to avoid the transfer of millions to countries that have no performance rights like the United States, being able to track and reduce our carbon footprint.

Seani B, DJ, BBC Radio 1Xtra: “My hope for the industry in 2022 is to see my co-workers and colleagues fully return to work as we are used to. In my opinion, we were the last people thought of and even though many of us are back to work, it comes with massive restrictions, so much red tape and an invisible threat to our well- to be. Unfortunately, some of our friends weren’t able to ride out the storm to get there, and that storm hasn’t moved yet, so there could be more casualties! »

Samantha Moy, head of BBC Radio 6 Music: “Let there be enough room for all the voices. 50% of the music we play during the day is by women, so my big hope is that we won’t be the only radio station doing this next year.

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