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Triangle Bank

In addition to ARM Bank, Triangle is a second sustainable bank in the Netherlands that offers business accounts. In fact, Triangle is one of the most sustainable banks in the world. It is an independent bank that operates without an office network, so completely online. However, unlike the other online banks compared here, that does not mean that the service package is limited. At Triangle you can find most of the options that you will also find at a major bank, such as connecting a payment terminal to collect debit card payments. Through a collaboration with Sprout Bancorp it is even possible to deposit cash money (notes).

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All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 8.50 = $ 102
Debit card $ 20 a year
Second debit card $ 20 a year
Internet banking Included in package
Credit transfer $ 0.15
Cashless debit $ 0.07
Collection costs (additional) $ 0.09
Collection costs (off) $ 0.10
Extra checking account Free*
Credit card - not possible ( compare all credit cards )
Use bank card in Eurozone Free*
Pay with a bank card outside the Eurozone $ 0.07 per transaction + 1%
Withdraw money outside the Eurozone $ 2.25 per transaction + 1%
Credit interest checking account 0% **
Debit interest checking account -
Link with accounting package Free

* With a balance above $ 500,000, opening multiple accounts with Triangle is not allowed.
** With a balance of more than $ 500,000, the credit rate is -0.50%.


  • Internet bank that nevertheless provides a complete service package, such as depositing cash and accepting pin payments.
  • Triangle is one of the most sustainable banks in the world.
  • Triangle is stable and reliable as a bank: only investments in the real economy, no trade in complex financial products.
  • A committed and personal bank: you can, for example, use the app to see which projects Triangle is financing in your area.


  • Closing an account is time-consuming via paper / post.
  • No free transactions.
  • No credit card possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is a business account at Triangle suitable?

Entrepreneurs and organizations who consider sustainability important for their banking affairs. Triangle bank accepts a wide range of legal forms: sole proprietorship / ZZP,

bv, nv, vof, partnership, and cooperative, but also foundations and associations are welcome. You must be established in the Netherlands and not operate in an ethically questionable sector. You will find a clear overview in the Triangle acceptance criteria.

How do I open a business account with Triangle?

You start the application by filling in a form online, but you cannot send it digitally. Triangle asks you to print the completed form, sign it and send it by post, including some supporting documents. You will then receive a message or your opening package with account number within 5 working days.

Can I also insure myself with Triangle?

No, Triangle does not offer insurance products.

Can I have red on my business account at Triangle?

Triangle does not offer credit facilities for a business account.

Can I deposit cash at Triangle?

Yes, this is possible. Triangle has no branches of its own, but has a partnership with Sprout Bancorp. There you can go with sealbags for depositing banknotes. You cannot deposit coins. At Triangle, however, it is possible to collect debit card payments on your account via a payment terminal.

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