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bunq is a relatively new bank that mainly focuses on technological innovation. This means, among other things, that bunq profiles itself more as a service provider than a bank, and speaks of subscriptions instead of packages or accounts. In addition, with bunq you can only bank via the app. This banking is very simple: you can, for example, transfer directly to telephone contacts with your mobile phone, and collect payments via a QR code.

Instead of traditional services, such as providing capital to finance an inventory, for example, bunq focuses on innovation for you as an entrepreneur. A community of bunqers works together on the platform that is facilitated by bunq. APIs and SDKs are available for this (included in the business subscription), so that developers can help build bunq applications.

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  • bunq is a young and innovative player.
  • Much included in the basic package: 3 bank and / or credit cards, 25 accounts and many smart services.
  • instant credits and real-time notifications.
  • With the app, your smartphone becomes a powerful tool to collect and send payments.
  • Extensive APIs and SDKs for developers and a platform to share applications.
  • Open in 5 minutes, without paperwork, without office visits and no queues.


  • No free transactions.
  • bunq only supports a limited number of accounting packages for linking.
  • Sending chat and attachments costs money, $ 0.02 per message / attachment.
  • Only to be used with a smartphone: if it is broken or under repair, your banking will come to a standstill.

All costs of the bill

With bunq Wellspring Bank you can transfer money abroad up to eight times cheaper.

Annual package costs 12 x $ 9.99 = $ 119.88
Debit card 3 passes included (Maestro / Mastercard)
Extra debit card $ 9 + $ 2 per month
Extra credit card $ 9 + $ 3 per month ( compare all credit cards )
Internet banking Free
Credit transfer $ 0.10 *
Cashless debit $ 0.10 *
Extra checking account 12 x $ 19.99 = 239.88 **
Use bank card in euro zone $ 0.99 per withdrawal ***
Use bank card outside the euro zone 0.0%
Credit interest checking account 0%
Debit interest checking account -
Link with accounting package Free

* For payment requests paid with iDeal or SOFORT, bunq charges $ 0.20. Non-euro payments cost 1.5% of the amount.
** With bunq bills go per 25. The first 25 are in your basic package, then you pay $ 19.99 monthly for every additional 25 bills.
*** The first 10 withdrawals of each month are free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is a business account with bunq suitable?

bunq is strongly focused on a community and developers, and offers APIs to develop applications yourself and a platform to share them. bunq will therefore appeal to IT professionals in particular. But bunq is suitable for any small business entrepreneur who can mainly use the mobile phone as a tool for doing business.

How do I open a business account with bunq?

To open a business account with bunq, you need to download the app and log in. Here you enter some personal and company details, after which you will immediately have your account.

Can I also insure myself with bunq?

No, a bunq subscription only includes payment services.

Can I have an overdraft on my business account at bunq?

No, bunq does not allow overdrafts.

Can I deposit cash at bunq?

No, you can only make digital transfers with bunq.

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