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Bus Bank Payment account

Bus Bank Bankiers is the oldest independent private bank in the Netherlands. Since its founding in 1737, the financial institute has grown and now includes offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. As far as business (and private) banking is concerned, Bus Bank focuses mainly on the higher segment, which translates into higher costs. On the other hand, there is extensive expertise in asset management and investments.

The centuries-old history does not mean that Bus Bank does not have two feet in the present and the future. The bank offers excellent online services and is also working on innovative ways for entrepreneurs. For example, the bank has developed the online concept Evi Bus Bank, for a modern way of investing and asset management.

All costs of the bill

Annual package costs 12 x $ 18 = $ 216
Debit card $ 20
Second debit card $ 20
Internet banking 4 x $ 30 = $ 120 *
Credit transfer $ 0.17
Cashless debit $ 0.11
Collection costs (additional) $ 0.14
Collection costs (off) $ 0.18
Credit card none ( compare all credit cards )
Cash withdrawal with USD bank card $ 0.40 per shot
Cash withdrawal with foreign currency bank card $ 2.50 per shot
Credit interest checking account 0%
Debit interest checking account 6% base rate, plus mark-up
Link with accounting package -

* Plus $ 18 per quarter per additional user.


  • As the oldest bank in the Netherlands, Bus Bank is very reliable and stable.
  • Very suitable for wealthy entrepreneurs.
  • Bus Bank is one of the world leaders in sustainable banking.
  • Extensive investment and asset management expertise.
  • Bus Bank also provides comprehensive help and advice for business matters such as business transfers.


  • High basic and transaction costs.
  • Not suitable for small businesses.
  • More suitable for asset management than for payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is a business account at Bus Bank suitable?

It is clear that Bus Bank is aiming for asset management and financial advice for companies, in combination with the pursuit of a balance between private and business assets. If you are an entrepreneur who is primarily looking for optimal capital growth at your bank, would like to receive professional advice from an old and respected financial institution, and you do not object to higher costs, then business banking at Bus Bank is for you.

How do I open a business account with Bus Bank?

Opening a business account with Bus Bank is only possible by appointment. You can call or email a relationship manager, or fill in a contact form online, after which Bus Bank will call or email you back.

Can I also insure myself with Bus Bank?

Bus Bank itself does not offer insurance. The partner company, Bus Bank Chabot, yes, but the options for entrepreneurs are limited.

Can I be overdrawn on my business account at Bus Bank?

Your business account with Bus Bank is a current account Credit. In addition, there are various financing options. However, to gain insight into the possibilities for you personally, it is best to make an appointment with Bus Bank.

Can I deposit cash at Bus Bank?

You cannot deposit cash at branches of Bus Bank. If you still want to deposit cash into your account, you can do this at GWK Travelex.

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