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General Conditions Blue grass Organization

At BlueGrass .en we take our work seriously and put you first. In order to inform you as well as possible, we would like to share our working method, how we handle your details and how we earn money. We make no secret of this. In our General Terms and Conditions we describe what you can expect from us.

Do you have any questions about this? Or do you have a complaint? Please contact us at + 402-870-1502.

The definitions we use

  1. BlueGrass. And: as part of GB Concepts BV located in Arlington at 4631 Oak Way with Chamber of Commerce number 42255352.
  2. Partner (s): service providers - legal entities and natural persons - who have an (advertising) agreement with BlueGrass. And with the aim of receiving requests for quotations through us.
  3. You: the applicant - legal entity or natural person - who completes a request for quotation via BlueGrass. En, which we refer to a partner.
  4. Request for quotation: a request submitted by you to contact a partner via BlueGrass.

Applicability of general terms and conditions

  1. The general terms and conditions of Blue grass Organization apply to the quotation request that Blue grass Organization offers via the website. As soon as you place a request for quotation, the terms and conditions apply.
  2. These general terms and conditions can only be deviated from if this has been expressly agreed in writing with BlueGrass. And prior to the quotation request.
  3. and has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. You agree that the latest version of these terms and conditions will apply to your quote request. You can find the latest version of the general terms and conditions at

Our method

Via BlueGrass .en we want to inform entrepreneurs about financial products and services. We believe that every entrepreneur should be able to make a business decision with certainty. Information plays an important role in this. Although we do not compare all providers of financial products and services, we do our best to provide information that helps entrepreneurs make an objective, independent choice. We offer the help and the tools to compare for free and without obligation.

Our services

Blue grass Organization is an independent comparison site. Via our site you can compare providers of financial products and services with each other free of charge and without obligation. You make a choice - based on your entered details - for a provider with the corresponding product or service.

We are not an intermediary with a comparison site and therefore do not provide advice and / or mediation. We only collect details and provide them to our partner (s). Based on your details, we can make you a suitable proposal. The mediating role lies with the provider of the financial product. We can contact you if anything is unclear.

Through us you can make a completely objective and independent comparison for the financial products and services that we list on BlueGrass. This means that no third party can influence the results of the comparisons and calculations. We compare all available rates and conditions of the financial products and services of the providers on our site. You will not find all providers on our site. On BlueGrass. You can compare the next one financial products:

  • Business loans
  • Business accounts
  • Business credits
  • Factoring
  • Credit cards

Our services

  1. Via BlueGrass. You can submit a free quote request without obligation.
  2. As soon as BlueGrass. And receives your quote request, it will be reviewed by us. When the application is complete, it will be forwarded to the partner (s). If the quotation request is incomplete, we can contact you.
  3. The request for quotation will be forwarded to the partner (s) who offer the service or product (s) and what you are looking for. These partners are selected based on your details.
  4. BlueGrass. Brings together supply and demand.
  5. BlueGrass. And is not a party to any agreement.
  6. BlueGrass. And does not guarantee the partner (s) will contact you.

How we make money

We want to clarify how we earn our money. We offer the tools that you can use via Blue grass Organization completely free of charge. You may be wondering how we make our money then. We work together with the partners that we mention on our website. As soon as a visitor purchases a financial product or service from one of our partners - with which we have an (advertising) agreement, we will be compensated for this. We assure you that no partner can influence the comparison and the way we inform you. We are not paid to give a positive review of our partners. All reviews are based entirely on independent analysis and reflect only our own findings and opinions.

Independence & Objectivity

All information you will find on BlueGrass. And is completely independent and objective. All ratings, reviews, analyzes and descriptions are based on our own opinion. A third party has no influence on this. We attach great importance to this. As a business entrepreneur, we want to offer you independent and objective information. So you can make your own choices. Although we are compensated by our partners through (advertising) agreements and / or affiliate links, this compensation has no influence on our opinion and comparisons. Our mission is to provide independent and objective information, and we do not act as an intermediary or representative for any financial institution or service provider.

Our goal is to inform business entrepreneurs as well as possible. As an entrepreneur, you make your own choice based on this information. The ratings and reviews on our website are based on our own opinion. We do not give advice and are not a mediator. We try to be fair and reasonable in our reviews and analyzes at all times so that we can help you make your own decision. The results from the comparator are based on the information you enter yourself. You are therefore responsible for the choice you make. We emphasize that we do not bear any responsibility for your choice. It is therefore important that you fill in your details accurately and in all honesty. This is entirely in your best interest.

BlueGrass .en does not offer any financial products or services itself. We only provide information and facilitate referrals to financial institutions and service providers. We have no direct financial interest in the financial products and services that we compare and analyze on our site. All partners that we mention on Blue grass Organization have no influence whatsoever on what we publish. We have full control over this ourselves.

All publications on BlueGrass. And are based on our own opinions, analyzes and findings.

We only provide information

We would like to emphasize that we only provide information via BlueGrass. Under no circumstances do we provide personal advice or act as a mediator. On our website you will find ratings and reviews based on our own opinion. We analyze your details and give our opinion on a product or service that best suits a given situation. These analyzes are based entirely on our own findings and analyzes. A third party has no influence on this. Our reviews are never personal advice. You make your own choice based on the information. Every entrepreneur and situation is unique. As a result, our recommendations are never personal. Based on the information on Blue grass Organization and your own opinion, you always check whether a financial product or service is suitable for your situation. For personal advice or mediation, we refer you to a qualified specialist.

What we do with your details

BlueGrass .en protects your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, please refer to our Applicant Privacy Policy .


  1. BlueGrass .en is only liable for damage that is directly and exclusively the result of a shortcoming, intent, negligent and / or incorrect action by
  2. BlueGrass .en is not liable for damage caused by incorrect or incomplete details of the applicant.
  3. BlueGrass .en is not liable for damage caused by the acts and / or omissions of the partner (s).

Invalidity & Governing Law

If any provision of Blue grass Organization's General Terms and Conditions is void or voidable, the remainder of the agreement will not change. In that case, the void or destroyed part will be replaced by a provision that corresponds as closely as possible to the content of the void or destroyed part. The content of these General Terms and Conditions is governed by Dutch law.


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