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Business financing

Anyone who has expansion plans as an entreprenUSDr usually does not have sufficient financial resources to realize those plans. Do you have expansion plans? Then you need to look for the best form of business financing.

  • business financing of up to $ 10,000,000
  • We offer you an independent proposal free of charge and without obligation

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a minimum of $ 5,000 and a maximum of $ 100,000,000.
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Business financing through a business Credit

Do you temporarily not have sufficient liquid assets? Then you can consider taking out a business credit from a bank or another lender. You then agree that you have access to a certain amount. The amount you have access to depends on the annual profit your company makes.

A business Credit is a completely different way of financing than a business loan. By means of a business Credit, you have access to a certain amount as agreed between you and the financier. The amount you have access to depends on the annual profit your company makes. You only pay interest on the withdrawn amount that you have withdrawn from your business credit. In addition, you can also withdraw and repay when you want, ideal if you want flexibility.

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Business financing through a business loan

Do you have insufficient cash to realize the expansion of your business? Then you can decide to take out a business loan with a bank or another lender. There are various factors that determine the height of the maximum loan amount.
Suppose you have insufficient cash to realize the expansion of your business, one of the options is to take out a business loan with your bank or another provider. The amount of the maximum amount that you can borrow depends on several factors. Please consider:

  • your net monthly income;
  • your business form;
  • how long your company has been around and how healthy is it;
  • your other debts or costs;
  • the BCR.

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  • What are the advantages?

    The request of a business credit can bring many benefits to your company. With the Credit you can, for example, pay your current invoices when you have no money for this, replenish the stock, purchase inventory and so on. In addition, you only have to pay interest on the amount that you actually withdraw. The money is ready in the bank, but you do not have to withdraw everything. Please note that it is important to draw up a good plan. Of course, you want you to have no trouble paying back the borrowed money and even make a profit from your new investment.

  • What are the risks?

    Do not forget that taking out Business Credit also carries a risk. We therefore recommend that you only borrow money if you are convinced that you are able to actually repay the borrowed money. Are you unable to meet your repayment obligations? This can always happen, even if you don't expect it. For example, you can become unexpectedly ill, you have disappointing results or suddenly unexpected costs, such as the repair of a machine or the like. This is not only a risk for you, but also for the lender. To limit the risk as much as possible, there are some lenders who establish a right of pledge. This means that a company declares goods with certainty. For a financing party, this means that they may pay for the company's goods if they cannot pay the debts. This agreement can be entered into by signing and registering.

  • What costs do I have to take into account?
    If you want to take out a loan, you must take into account the closing commission and the interest. Both the closing fee and the interest are calculated on the principal of the loan. For an indication of the costs, see the calculation example on this page. By comparing providers of a business loan with each other, you will in many cases save enormous costs.
  • When can I withdraw my Credit?

    A credit application is often assessed within a day or at most a few days. As soon as your application has been approved, you can in most cases borrow the maximum amount you want to borrow within 24 hours. Note that in some cases a provider may want to receive more information. Consider, for example, a business plan. This can take longer for the loan amount to be paid out.

  • Which lender is right for you?

    Every company is different and every situation is different. Since there are many financing parties that you can turn to for taking out a business Credit, it is difficult to make a choice between the various providers. We like to make it as simple as possible for yourself and that is why you can visit our website for the compare of business credit.

    We have a handy search function on our website that you can use if you want to take out a business Credit. Indicate what approximate amount you want to pay for a loan and what the duration is. Do you have other wishes, such as penalty-free repayments? Please indicate this. Have you entered all the information? Then the providers appear that match your requirements. Naturally, the amount of the interest is indicated at this time. You will also find a figure of how other entreprenUSDrs rate the bank or lender. Always read the various benefits, so you can be sure what to expect.

    Have you found a suitable party that you would like to work with? Then you will be redirected via our website to the website of the provider. You must therefore request a business credit directly with the financing party indicated on our website. So be aware that only one party puts the different providers side by side. Always take a good look at the terms and conditions of the provider and always read before entering into a contract.

    When you want to submit an application to the provider, it is important that you check your details carefully. Have you sent an application? It differs per party how quickly you receive a response. For example, some providers state online that you will receive your money within 24 hours after your application. Note that this is not the case with every party, so always check the conditions carefully. It can always happen that it takes longer until you have certain papers. Do you have any questions or do you just want to know more about taking out a business Credit? Then always contact the provider that you have in mind. The specialists are ready to help you so that you know exactly what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is corporate financing possible without annual figures?

It can be difficult for you if a lender wants to see your annual figures for past years, while you may not have them because you are a starter. Or that you performed much better in the past six months than the year before. It would be a pity if a lender would 'settle' you on those lesser figures. Yet this is the way most lenders want to view their security, because do you have enough money to pay off the loan? A loan always costs money, so do you have enough insight into what you can borrow and in what period you can repay the loan?

Is corporate financing possible without your own money?

Do you not have equity capital and do you want to invest in your company? Then that is possible, because a lender needs a few things: proof of registration in the Chamber of Commerce. A solid plan around your business financing and a minimum age of 18 years. The conditions may differ per provider that you must meet. A good business plan for an expansion or investment in your business will help you find a lender who will offer you business financing without having your own money.

Is business financing possible with negative BCR?

Every loan provided in the Netherlands is registered by the Credit Registration Office (BCR). Whether you have a loan and whether you have payment arrears is registered by this agency and made transparent to affiliated lenders. A BCR protects you against excessive debts. Do you still want to take out business financing with a negative BCR? Then you also have a chance, because there are lenders who are not affiliated with BCR and therefore do not get insight into the registrations. However, there is a risk here, namely that at some point you borrow too much and you cannot meet the repayment obligation. If you are unable to meet the repayment obligation, this may have consequences for the retention of your goods. A bailiff can come to your door and oblige you to sell your goods in the event of non-payment.

Business financing interest

The interest on a business loan can differ greatly per provider. Via our website you can compare different providers on the conditions, but also on how much interest you pay. You pay interest because a financier runs a risk by lending the money to you. The interest can increase if your company is less healthy, if you borrow little and if the term is long. This entails extra risk for the financier. You can reduce the interest if you shorten the term, but then you have to pay more per month. Therefore, always draw up a plan before applying for business financing. The plan should state the purpose of the business financing, as well as how much money you have and how much you need. And also calculate the repayment and how long you think you will need to repay.

Help with business financing

You are sure: you want to invest in your company. Only you do not have enough money yourself and you want a business financing request. You have concrete goals, but then? Then you can look for a provider. You must show several documents to the provider, present your plan and ask for approval. That sounds simple, but it is best to ask for help with your business financing request. For example, an accountant will help you get the most of your money when it comes to financial benefits and he or she knows exactly what to consider when it comes to rules.

Choose the correct provider

You can easily request business financing online. Via you can compare the providers of business loans and business loans. As soon as you have found a credit or loan that suits your needs, you can contact the relevant provider.


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