60 years later, the China Harbin Summer Music Festival is flourishing


With the theme “Singing for a new era and a new journey”, the China Harbin Summer Music Festival this year includes an opening show called “Run! Songhua River”, national performances, the series of performances ” 100 years of glory, “According to the Harbin Municipality Information Office, the” East Asian Culture City “shows and forums, the” Academy of Style “concert series, a fashion and culture parade and mass cultural activities.

Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, Qingdao Symphony Orchestra £ ¬and other famous orchestras from China gathered at this year’s festival to participate in the 7th China Symphony Season. In the meantime, the festival has invited many solo violins, conductors and celebrities from the music industry to give talks.

From 1961, the festival grew from a city carnival to a national musical event, making it one of the oldest and most important musical activities in the world. China.

The festival attracted the participation of leading artists from home and abroad and the masses, who filled the city with Harbin with an artistic vibe. In 2010, Harbin received the title of “Music City” by the United Nations.

With a long-standing musical heritage, Harbin gave birth to one of from China first conservatories and symphony orchestras, making it one of the cradles of modern Chinese music.

As summer night fell, tourists walking through Central Street, a pedestrianized street with various exotic architectures, still heard the sound of music coming from the squares and parks and saw many listeners gently nod their heads and stomp his foot on the ground. Music, either performed by middle-aged and older orchestras or sung by young people, has become a hallmark of the city.

The festival has also attracted the attention of many renowned musicians and music groups from home and abroad. In recent years, it has become more and more internationalized as groups of 37 countries and regions, including United States, the UK, Russia, Israel, Japan and South Korea participated in the performance.

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Caption: The opening performance of the 35th China Summer Music Festival in Harbin

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Caption: The opening performance of the 35th China Summer Music Festival in Harbin

SOURCE Harbin Municipality Information Office

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