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The College of Communication Arts and Sciences welcomes seven new research professors hired this academic year. Each new faculty member brings research and teaching expertise that supports the college’s strategic goal of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the academy. Several professors were identified as part of a planned thematic hiring addressing topics related to race, ethnicity, gender and social inequalities in communication.

MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences is the highest-ranked communication program in the world: No. 3 in the world in the Shanghai Rankings and No. 9 in the world in the QS World Rankings. ComArtSci faculty are world-renowned scholars in the fields of communication, journalism, advertising and public relations, information science, game studies, and communication science and disorders. They are also pioneers in teaching creativity, making the college a destination for innovative teaching and career success for students at all levels.

“These new faculty hires and our continued performance in the rankings are a celebration of inclusive excellence in our college,” said Dean Prabu David. “I am excited to support this growth in our research expertise and to see where our new faculty colleagues will take us next.”

Assistant Professor Thea Knowles and Practice Professor Ariana (Abaries) Farhad join the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Knowles specializes in identifying relationships between acoustic measures of speech in dysarthria and its ability to be understood; technological tools for speech processing and measurement; and speech intervention approaches for people with Parkinson’s who do not benefit from conventional therapies. Farhad, who is also Director of the Master’s Graduate Program at ComArtSci, specializes in pediatric hearing loss and its intervention; hearing aid technology; trauma-informed care in speech-language pathology; culturally and linguistically sensitive research and intervention; and the acquisition of a multilingual language.

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations also welcomed two new professors: Professor Susan McFarlane-Alvarez and Assistant Professor Ed Timke. McFarlane-Alvarez specializes in advertising and identity topics; representations of animated images; post-coloniality and national identity; racial calculus and social activism in corporate expression; and pedagogy, diversity and inclusion. Timke specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion in advertising workplaces and creative representations; disability, gender and sexuality (and their intersections) in the United States and beyond.

Assistant Professor Christina L. Myers has joined the School of Journalism. Myers specializes in portrayals of the black experience in news, music, and sports; implicit racial bias; critical race theory; ideology; and stereotypes.

Assistant Professor Megh Marathe and Associate Professor Celeste Campos-Castillo join the Department of Media and Information. Marathe specializes in inclusion in technology and society; intersectional analyzes of the experiences of people with disabilities, queer, transgender and gender diverse; epilepsy; redress of public grievances; social theory; and informing expert practices and technologies. Campos-Castillo, who will enter college in January 2023, specializes in digital inequalities, privacy, social media, telehealth, youth and mental health.

For more information, visit comartsci.msu.edu.

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