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Business plan needed

You are sure: you would like to take out a business loan because you would like to start a business. If this is the case, we recommend that you first draw up a good business plan. In fact, every financing party would like to know why you want to borrow money as a starter and what you want to spend the money on. You can indicate this in a business plan.

Why a business plan?

You write a business plan for yourself in the first instance. It gives you insight into your goals. Are these realistic? By making a business plan you force yourself to develop your idea in concrete terms. Is it actually wise to take out a business loan? If so, you can look further. You can look for a financing party that you want to provide a loan. Many financing parties would like to know as extensively as possible why you want to borrow money and what you want to do with the money. Through a business plan you can give a provider more insight into your goals. After all, taking out a business loan is not only a risk for you. It is also a risk for the provider. A financing party will give you an earlier approval with a well-substantiated business plan.

What does a business plan say?

In any case, a business plan contains the next one points:

* Summary: write a summary of a maximum of 2 A4 pages about your idea, the market, your competitors and your goals. Also state the most important figures from your financial plan.
* Description of your idea: here you can further elaborate on the idea. What exactly do you want to achieve?
* General description of the company: how do you organize your business? Are you hiring staff? Do you need permits? Are there any risks for your company? Etcetera.
* Financial plan: this is one of the most important parts. How much money do you need and what do you want to use it for? Show in your financing plan that your plan has the potential to succeed.
* Marketing plan: how do you plan to get your plants? Indicate who your potential customers are and how you want to reach these customers.
* Personal details and entrepreneurial qualities: state your personal details and tell us more about what drives the company, what your training is and so on.

Which provider do you choose?

Now you may be wondering which provider is best for you. To gain a better understanding of this, we certainly recommend that you use our handy comparison tool. Enter the amount you would like to borrow, whether you have a specific term in mind and tick other points that you find important. The various financing parties that meet your wishes and requirements appear below. Always take a good look at the conditions per party, because that way you will not be faced with surprises.


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