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Term business loan

Do you want to take out a business loan ? Then there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. One point that you should consider carefully is the term of a business loan. The term of the loan represents the duration of the loan that you take out. When you take out a loan, you promise that the borrowed money will be repaid within this period.

Periodic repayments

The term of a business loan is generally between 1 and 20 years. The purpose of your loan and your current financial situation generally determine which period is appropriate. We recommend that you always match the term of the business financing to the investment you are making. Most parties agree on a weekly or monthly amount on which you must pay interest, but it may also happen that you have to pay an agreed amount per quarter. Always look carefully at the conditions of the financing party.

The investment goal

With many financing parties, maturities have been set. The period is based on the investment goal. By looking at your financial situation and the amount of the loan, a fixed amount per period is agreed upon in consultation with you that you must repay.

Advice on the term of a business loan

It is difficult to estimate exactly how long you will need to be able to repay your loan. Financing parties specify a maximum term when you must repay a loan. It is of course always possible to repay the loan faster. If your company has had a stable turnover for a number of years, you may be able to determine more easily within what period it will be possible to repay your loan. Are you a starter ? Then you have no insight into figures. It is often a lot more difficult to make an estimate. In any case, it can certainly be recommended to introduce your plan to another person, such as a specialist. He or she can give you advice, which may help you make a better choice regarding the term of a business loan. The specialists of a financing party can always advise you about the term of a business loan. Always listen to this carefully.

Which party is best for you?

By using our handy comparison tool you will gain insight into the differences between the financing parties. Indicate in the tool what amount you want to borrow and what duration you would like. The various parties that meet your wishes and requirements appear on the screen, giving you immediate insight into which parties best match your preferences. Always read carefully what the conditions are. For example, do you want the certainty that you can make repayments without having to pay a fine? Then look for a provider where you can repay without penalty . So always read all the conditions carefully, because that way you will not be faced with surprises.


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