All Classical Portland Announces First-Ever Album Recording Inclusivity Initiative

All Classical Portland announced the release of Navona Records and PARMA Recordings AMPLIFYAll Classical’s Inaugural Recording Diversity Initiative (RII) debut album on October 28. marginalized artistic communities.

“RII is one of the many ways All Classical Portland is working to increase representation in classical music and public radio,” said Suzanne Nance, president and CEO of All Classical Portland, in a press release. “We strive to provide access to all, to reflect the diverse and creative communities we serve, and to promote joy and belonging in all that we do. Through RII, we have deepened our commitment to this mission.

AMPLIFY will star Jasmine Barnes, Keyla Orozco, Lauren McCall, Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson and Mélanie Hélène Bonis. This will be the 1,000th release from PARMA Recordings.

“We are pleased and proud that AMPLIFY is our 1,000th album and represents the work of these exceptional artists,” said Bob Lord, CEO of PARMA, one of RII’s sponsoring partners. “For nearly 15 years we have worked diligently to help elevate deserving artistic voices, and our collaboration with All Classical Portland is a wonderful new chapter in that mission.”

More information on AMPLIFY is available on the Navona Records website.

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