Angels lean into meme: Team heads to Nickelback music in 14th straight loss

The Angels set a bad variety franchise record on Wednesday with their 14th straight loss, losing a 1-0 game to the Red Sox. It was the third time in that streak the Angels were shut out, and their failure to score a run came despite an unconventional attempt to bring the bats to life.

Angels batters listened to Nickelback tunes all night long as the team tries anything and everything to get a notch in the win column. Here is an overview of the songs chosen by each player.

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It actually looks like the most Joe Maddon thing the Angels have done this season. Maddon was known for making his lineups unconventionally midway through the season, perhaps most famously the 867-5309 lineup in 2014. Los Angeles, of course, fired Maddon on Tuesday midway through his streak. defeats.

It’s an interesting development for the Angels, who recognized the oddity after the game.

The Angels apparently haven’t considered the possibility that fans won’t be dying to hear from Nickelback besides seeing their favorite team lose a 14th straight game, but then again, who can blame them for trying to do shake things up? According to reporter Erica Weston, it appears Angels head of quality assurance Tim Buss is the culprit, raising the question of what kind of quality Buss provides.

Nickelback’s hatred is part meme that got out of hand and part blowback on a band that cynically capitalized on what was popular at the time by becoming a Frankenstein of Creed, Pearl Jam and Godsmack.

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The biggest problem in all of this? The Angels lost. If you’re going to do these gadgets, suddenly it becomes much more important to get a win. Otherwise, you’re just the crew that went to Nickelback for three hours for no reason.

The Angels are now 27-31 with 9.5 return games in the AL West.

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