Anthem Live opens its doors and aims to elevate the music scene | New

Anthem Live celebrates its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Colorado Springs Darkroom.

After five months of “blood, sweat and tears, grinding, putting it all together”, Anthem Live – a black and veteran-owned media studio on Garden of the Gods Road – opened its doors today.

At a groundbreaking ceremony with the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce, Anthem Music Enterprises CEO Terry Josiah Sharpe said the goal is to “elevate the scene” by guiding and developing artists of the music industry.

“As many indie creators kind of become their own bosses and figure out how to navigate this scene while growing economically doing what they love to do, I feel like this is a win for the community. “, did he declare.

Audio production is a huge financial outlay if you’re going it alone, but, says Sharpe, “if you have a one-stop shop where you can go and make whatever you’re trying to do happen, it takes so much of the charge.

“We can really teach people to navigate on their own,” he added. “You don’t have to automatically start making $1 million as a creator, but if you can start making $36,000 a year doing what you love to do, that’s enough to get you by. and then you’ll understand what’s possible. Then it’s, ‘Okay, cool. I can take it up a notch.’

Anthem Live will create “high-quality, professional content,” Sharpe said, and drive the industry locally.

“Our artistic medium is music,” he said. “We understand that when music contributes to the development of a city, great things happen. And when the city stands behind the music in these developing areas, that’s when something really big is coming. That’s when you get a city like Austin, Texas, where it’s a music city. I really believe that we can make this city something that people will identify as a musical city.

Boss Babe Networking will also be located inside Anthem, along with The Nonprofit Makeover, which CEO Kristen Faith Sharpe describes as “a new hub for nonprofits to get resources, learn how to raise more money online and elevate their organizations”.

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