Aparshakti Khurana: I see myself taking more opportunities to sing in playback

Actor Aparshakti Khurana is working to broaden his musical horizons, but is sure he won’t let that come at the expense of his acting career.

He is happy that this is possible today with “the music industry becoming very welcoming to new people, skills and originality”.

“Honestly, I’m still very new to music…I only have three songs. And the love I’ve received for all three songs has been overwhelming to say the least,” Khurana tells us, adding, “ I see myself getting more opportunities to sing in playback in the future, but while having a dedicated acting career, which is something that excites me the most.”

In fact, he has a perfect idea mixing the two. “Who knows, maybe one day a filmmaker might want to consider me as the face of a project whose protagonist is a musician. I love the idea,” he says.

As a playback singer, the year brought good music for Khurana, with the success of his songs Bullet or Bullet and Choti Choti Gal – and two more tracks in the works.

Opening up about his love for music, the father-of-one confesses, “I love singing and enjoying music as much as I move on and watch movies. I like to jam with my musician friends in my free time, catch up on the latest playlists, etc. Having the opportunity to work in such a diverse range of entertainment properties like web shows, movies, and music videos, where I even get to sing, is a blessing for someone who just loves to perform and entertain people.”

Here the Helmet (2021) The actor praises the changing tides of the industry, opening more avenues for artists.

“Today’s music industry is very welcoming to new people, skills and originality. Today there are fewer restrictions and musicians have the freedom to do their own thing. Major credit for the same also goes to today’s audiences who are open to different genres of music and it is only because of them that we have independent musicians today who have established themselves in the industry. we’ve come a long way and I’m sure there’s still a lot to do,” says the 34-year-old, who works on acting projects such as Dhokha: Around corner D,Berlin and Jubilee.

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