Ballantyne golf course transforms into new community park



CHARLOTTE, NC – On the south side of Charlotte is a brand new park that you probably never knew existed.

Over 100 acres of green space in Ballantyne was once a popular golf course, but has now been turned into a community park.

What would you like to know

  • The 130-acre golf course at Ballantyne officially closed in December 2020
  • Northwood Office took over the property and later turned it into a community park
  • Once a month they host a “Market at 11” event filled with free live music, food and activities for the public.

This is where you’ll find Deb Arbogast running her coffee business every second Saturday of the month.

“It’s so busy,” she said.

Before Arbogast entered the coffee business, she led a very different life.

“So I was a professional golfer for about seven years,” she said. “I’m used to motocross, and it seems like you both always need coffee.”

Once retired, she finally started her own coffee bar called Mud & McQueen.

But ironically enough, being on Ballantyne’s former 130-acre golf course, it’s closer to the green than most think.

At the end of December 2020, the golf course closed. It has since turned into a community park.

“We’re really trying to focus on making Ballantyne more urban, walkable (and) opening up the green space to make it more accessible to everyone, not just golfers,” said Hailey Rorie.

Rorie is the director of Northwood Office, the company that took over the property.

She says it’s all part of a bigger plan called Ballantyne Reimagined.

“In many ways Ballantyne, especially this property, was seen as a very corporate park, and we want to change that,” she said. “We want to become more of an 18 hour community.

From sunrise to sunset, people can go out and walk in the park. The park also hosts events with live music, food, and vendors once a month.

“When you think of Charlotte… the South Charlotte community, they haven’t really seen much of that… entertainment. Rorie said. “So I think you also pull from Waxhaw, Matthews, Fort Mill, Indian Land and people don’t have to go to the upscale neighborhoods or the South End to enjoy live music and events like this. -this.”

This new park not only redefines Ballantyne, but it also gives small businesses like Arbogast a chance to connect with more people.

The park hosts its “Markets at 11 am” from 11 am to 5 pm every second Saturday of the month.

You can find out more about the park and other events here.


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