Brian May considered suicide after Freddie Mercury died – Music News


Brian May considered taking his own life as he struggled to cope with the death of his comrade Freddie Mercury.

The Queen’s singer’s last days before his death from AIDS-related illness in 1991 coincided with a period of turmoil in Brian’s personal life as his father died and worried about the breakup from his first marriage.

Speaking about how his boyfriend’s death affected him, the guitarist told The Guardian: “I felt like life was over. I was about to leave the bridge several times. Very close. It was Hammersmith Bridge. ”

Explaining how lost he was at the time, he added, “I lost my father to cancer around the same time. And my marriage broke down, because I fell in love with another woman (his now wife Anita Dobson) The marriage was probably breaking down anyway, but that was the final catalyst and the breakup was very painful and gruesome.

“I also felt like I was losing my kids; I felt like I was losing everything. I was just trying to get by in the dark, and music was the only thing I could hold onto; it was kind of therapy. “

The star has also had some difficult experiences in recent times, as last year he suffered a heart attack and had to evacuate his country house due to a wildfire in Surrey, England. This year, the hardships continued as her London home was flooded.

“It made us feel violated,” he said of the experience. “This is what it feels like to your soul to lose your possessions, to see them swimming in them. I had to tear up all my old photo albums, the very first ones I had when I was eight, to try to save the photographs. “

He is now tired of spending time in London, adding: “It’s brutal, it’s noisy, it’s polluted. No one has any consideration. So we want to go out. It’s very hurtful: I love London, I grew up here. But I don’t think I can handle it anymore.

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