Brian May slams BRIT Awards on gender-neutral categories E! News UK

Brian May slammed BRIT Awards bosses for ditching separate awards for men and women in favor of gender-neutral categories.

Organizers of next year’s UK music awards believe the ruling will make the party more ‘inclusive’, but the move has drawn criticism as presets for existing gender-neutral categories have often been dominated by men.

Brian, 74, told The Sun he feared hasty decisions to appease activists without thinking about the consequences for artists.

“I feel very uncomfortable with some of the decisions that are made, often out of fear,” he said. “Because people are so afraid of being questioned. It’s a horrible atmosphere.

“I’m so sick of people trying to change things without thinking about the long term consequences. Some of these things are improvements and some are not. Some of them deprive people. Of course, we don’t just jump on people and accuse them of this and that. “

In 2020, the Album and Band of the Year categories had all-male nominees, and many critics believe gender-neutral presets will exclude women due to the sexism of the music industry.

“Honestly, I don’t know if that puts a group at a disadvantage, but it was a decision that was made without a lot of thought,” added Brian.

The Queen star went on to criticize the modern approach to social justice for failing to take people for who they are, saying “nobody cares”, band frontman Freddie Mercury was originally Parsi-Indian and born in Zanzibar.

“We didn’t have to stop and think, ‘Oh should we work with him? Is he the right color or the right gender?’ he explained.

Reflecting on what would happen if the band were young musicians in 2021, the rocker added, “I’m sure if Queen started now we would have to have people of different colors and different genders and a trans person. ), but life doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different. “

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