deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin Fund MODA DAO for NFT Music and Licensing Release Project

deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin Fund MODA DAO for NFT Music and Licensing Release Project

Looking to adopt Web3 technology in the music industry, a decentralized stand-alone organization known as MODA DAO, has set itself the goal of implementing a new approach to music publishing in which it “aims to remove intermediaries from traditional streaming services”. Illustrating the ‘Music3‘framewrok, the group envisioned a world where artists have full control of their catalogs, with their cash used for creating the tools needed for music production, as well as for any grants artists will receive for their projects.

Taking it a step further, MODA DAO has also set out to create a platform where artists will be allowed to upload their music as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and in turn allow listeners to access without having to transfer. the property. This will be achieved through an “NFT audio aggregator”, with the main objective of replacing ordinary mp3 downloads. An initiative meant to change the music industry in the most revolutionary way, it’s no surprise that Richie hawtin and deadmau5 adopted such an idea, as both joined the last round of project funding.

With the two artists heavily invested in the metaverse through their Pixelynx gaming platform, this latest project fits perfectly with their primary goal of blurring the lines between music, blockchain, and gaming. In a recent interview, Hawtin expressed enthusiasm “that the tools MODA is building will help create new options for the independent music industry” and, in the long run, allow for a more equitable compensation system for artists, as well. that “to create long-lasting personal bonds with their fans.” Additionally, Hawtin explained how the MODA grant system will work, as it aims to “blur the lines between performers, audiences and fans”.

A truly unique concept intended to impact the music industry in the most attractive way, Hawtin made it clear that “MODA is not designed to interface with or replace traditional music streaming platforms. “because it will bring” a new and unified listening experience to users “by streaming” NFT audio files from all major NFT platforms and channels with a simple layer of usability. ” The new era of music streaming is well and truly underway, and such initiatives can only further enhance the music experience for creators and fans in our community. For more details and information on MODA DAO, be sure to check out their official website.

Image Credit: deadmau5 (via Facebook), Richie Hawtin (via Facebook)

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