Diddy fulfills his dream of working with Dr. Dre E! News UK

Diddy’s “dreams at last [came] true” this week when he went to the recording studio with Dr. Dre.

The ‘I’ll miss you’ singer has always admired the producer and was delighted to see his ‘genius’ first hand when they got to work together on Monday (29.08.22) during sessions for an upcoming Snoop Dogg album .

Sharing a series of photos of him and Dre in the studio, Diddy wrote on Instagram on Tuesday (8/30/22): “One of my biggest dreams has finally come true. I remember the first time I heard the production from @DrDre.direction at the level of producer I wanted to be.

“Last night I had the chance to work with this man and see his genius as he coached me on vocals. He reminded me of myself, but with a different and much more focused style. I have to intensify my concentration! lol But it was a great experience and I thank God for that.”

Diddy expressed his hope that fans can have similarly positive experiences with their own heroes.

He added: “I hope one day you will have the same experience with someone you have always considered a hero.”

The 52-year-old star’s team later clarified that the duo worked with Snoop.

In an email to HipHopDX, Diddy’s rep said, “The two music moguls have come together to collaborate on Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated upcoming album with Snoop Dogg, who was also in attendance.

“Producing with Dr. Dre has been a longtime dream of Mr. Combs and the evening was made even more special as he trained him on vocals.”

Snoop confirmed earlier this month that he was working with Dre on a new album but didn’t want to give too many details.

He teased, “We’re up to a little something. I don’t want to talk too much about it, but we’re together again. It’s been 30 years since we’ve worked on a record, and we’re doing something, we’re working. on something.

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