DJ Drama reportedly planning ‘Gangsta Grillz’ projects with Meek Mill, Tory Lanez and more

DJ Drama is about to dive back into his Gangsta Grillz projects. After lacing Tyler, the creator with the magic sauce helping to win Rap Album of the Year, Drama is considering other collaborations.

According TMZDrama plans to team up with EST Gee, Meek Mill and Tory Lanez on the next drops of Gangsta Grillz.

The Meek collaboration is one of the upcoming efforts he plans to release in partnership with WME.

Meek Mill wants record execs to put their money where they say. Days after announcing his partnership with WME, Meek Mill challenges executives who don’t believe in him with a $10 million bet.

“If you are a legal person who works in the music business and has already predicted that the sweetness is over…I want to place a 10 million bet with you in a contract…. Label owners and CEO coo artist…just found out y’all were talking like that…y’all said i was at least 5 times,” Meek wrote on Twitter.

He added: “And I do it on the indie side, no major vibes to do without effort…. This is no joke for the people who pretend to make the decisions in this music industry…. They are really washed and try to put limits on you and want you to believe sneverrrrrr!”

Earlier this month, leading talent agency WME and artist, businessman and activist Meek Mill announced a strategic partnership to focus on the next generation of cultural influencers.

The partnership is part of Meek’s latest project, cultural currencywhich aims to grow its business while identifying and supporting its network of entertainers, athletes and entertainers so they can make the most of their cultural influence and expand their opportunities in entertainment, branding and business.

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