Do you like Mariachi music? Enter to win a private concert

Do you like mariachi music? Do you love Sauza Agave cocktails?

Then enter to win a private mariachi reservation through Sauza Agave Cocktails’ Que Viva el Mariachi (Long Live Mariachi) contest.

Through this promotional contest, Sauza will give ten lucky people a free two-hour mariachi reservation during Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15. Ten Sauza and mariachi fans can enter the contest here to win the chance for a reservation in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

“Sauza drew inspiration from its Mexican heritage to create these bold, indulgent cocktails meant to be enjoyed with family and friends,” said Stephanie Kang, Senior Director of RTD Strategic Projects at Beam Suntory. “The Que Viva el Mariachi competition allows us to showcase Sauza’s Mexican heritage in a new way, a way that inspires everyone to enjoy delicious drinks accompanied by music emblematic of Mexico’s rich culture.”

While Sauza Agave cocktails are still relatively new to the market, having just launched in March this year, the tequila brand has a 145-year history.

“The motto of Sauza Agave Cocktails is to live life to the fullest, and there’s no better way to celebrate being busy than having your own mariachi band for your family and friends this Month of the Month. Hispanic heritage,” she says.

The contest, she says, pays homage to Sauza’s Mexican heritage and Jalisco roots. For the chance to win a group reservation, fans must explain how and why they would like to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a mariachi band and enjoy the show with family and friends.

The contest, which runs through Friday, is open to residents of participating cities — Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York — who are 21 or older. Prize redemption will take place within the city limits on specified and assigned dates and times.

Alcohol, she notes, will not be awarded as part of the prize, but the prize will include a branded cooler, a papal picador banner, koozies and a $100 gift card. To further support mariachi nationwide, Sauza Agave Cocktails will also make a monetary donation to The Mariachi Conservation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the art form of Mariachi music.

The Sauza promotion is trending as more and more people across the country and the world are interested in mariachi music, Kang points out. People continue to pay tribute to Vincente Fernandez, who is considered “El Rey” or “the king” of ranchera and mariachi music, who died last December, and mariachi music is all the rage, because there’s a documentary about it on AppleTV, as well as the very first mariachi stamps through the United States Post Office.

Mariachi music is also great when paired with cocktails, including Sauza’s new canned cocktails, Sauza Agave Cocktails, which come in four flavors: Lime Crush, Tropical Twist, Strawberry Breeze and Black Cheery Smash. “These are the perfect complement for listening to mariachi music with friends and family,” she says.

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