Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson leaves the band after 20 years



Franz Ferdinand’s drummer Paul Thomson left the band after two decades.

The rockers of “Take Me Out” – who formed in 2002 – have confirmed that the 45-year-old sticksman has left the group led by Alex Kapranos, and they admit his decision came as a shock after 20 years on the road together.

It’s unclear why Paul decided to end his tenure with the band, however, his band mates – including Bob Hardy, Julian Corrie, and Dino Bardot – wished him the best for the future.

In a lengthy Instagram statement, the group began, “Hello everyone. Paul is leaving the group. It was a bit of a shock to us when we found out, so it will probably be for some of you too. . Paul has been our friend for over twenty-five years and we look forward to at least twenty-five more. He’s a funny, smart and sensitive guy. Not a bad drummer either. You don’t spend 20 years at traveling the world with someone without them becoming a family and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. We are happy to have shared these adventures and experiences together and look forward to hearing what they will do next .

Paul has already handed his drumsticks to Glasgow-based drummer and producer Audrey Tait.

They continued, “After playing with Paul for so long it is obvious that not everyone can sit behind the kit in FF, so we are happy to say that one of the other best drummers in the world Joining us Many of them you in Glasgow will already know how amazing Audrey Tait is a musician and we are delighted to have her joining us It is totally natural to play with her and she laughs a lot. It was electrifying to be in the studio together and we can ‘Don’t wait to play live for all of you. Here’s a pic of Paul literally handing him his sticks in a windowless rehearsal room.’

In his own statement, Paul said: “I want to thank each of you who bought a record, came to a concert and shared all of these experiences with me.

“I will never forget him.

“Franz Ferdinand was, is and always will be a family and a big part of me. My words and my smile are so easy now.

Franz Ferdinand’s last studio album was “Always Ascending” from 2018, and new music is on the way.


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