Gold Coast music industry unites for government support


Gold Coast musicians, crews, venues and industry workers have come together to form a new association pushing for increased support from the Queensland government.

Under the name of the Independent Entertainment Industry Alliance (IEIA), the association is pushing for the government to help stabilize the industry, review venue capacity restrictions and create safe touring exemptions for local and international acts. .

The alliance, led by a team of ‘hidden professionals’ from the local arts, entertainment and events industry, held its inaugural meeting at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh last month, setting its agenda to facilitate a full comeback. to trade for industry.

Kim Ferguson, spokesperson for IEIA and owner of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, highlighted the problems faced by Gold Coast venues and drew comparisons with the state’s membership in sporting events.

“It is not viable to trade within these restrictions. Constraints on ticket sales mean artists cannot earn enough to justify the show, and venues cannot guarantee that operating costs are covered by sales of bars with such a small crowd, ”said Ferguson.

“It’s so positive that the people of Queensland can safely enjoy great sporting events, and we just ask for the same consideration for the arts. We know that the people of Queensland are just as passionate about music and entertainment as they are about football. “

The IEIA is currently developing a unified proposal to present to the Queensland government to create a roadmap to guide the Gold Cold music industry towards full trade, with more details to come in the coming weeks.

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