James Morrison Would Never Do Anything ‘Good’ For His Voice E! News UK

James Morrison never did anything “good” for his voice.

The 37-year-old singer admitted he had no idea how to take care of his vocal health early in his career, adding that he “didn’t even drink water”.

He said: “I never used to do anything good for my voice. I didn’t even drink water! I was so naive and learned to sing in pubs , so I smoked, I drank, I spoke loudly and all of that was natural for me.”

The ‘You Give Me Something’ hitmaker went on to explain that he needs to learn to find a “balance” between partying and a healthy lifestyle, noting that it’s “really important”.

Speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, he added: “It took me a long time to learn the balance between how and when to turn off the party. It’s all really important. I always used to see very healthy people and I think that could never be me.”

James – who has so far released five studio albums and released a Greatest Hits compilation – went on to explain that his beliefs stem from his upbringing in a housing estate, saying it took him “a long time” to realize his potential .

He added: “I grew up in a housing estate and we had a bad upbringing. But now I know you can be whatever you want. So yeah, I guess it took me a long time to trying to see what my potential is.”

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