JB Dunckel Of Air Announces New Carbon Album For June 2022 Release, Shares Lead Single “Corporate Sunset”

JB Dunckel Of Air Announces New Carbon Album For June 2022 Release, Shares First Single

Air’s JB Dunckel has announced his third solo album, Carbon, released on June 24. Along with the release of the album, he also released his first single titled “Corporate Sunset”. The five-minute jam is groovy and features harmonized vocals and progresses into a magical experience with its production. Check it out below.

Dunckel explains the song, considering that “big business changes the world and what they offer could be heaven”. This song is upbeat, but big tech companies are more likely to bring us hell. They are more powerful now than any country – they are the new kings.

The title Carbon refers to this crucial elementary relationship. “When you burn it, it doesn’t go away,” he says. “It’s full of strength – diamonds are crystallized carbon. Carbon is the thing that makes you strong. It is the most important thing in our body and in our life, but we are hardly aware of it. He goes on to explain the record, saying, “It’s about creating waves that bring me happiness – or reveal how I feel. He must be dragging me into a dream or some kind of inner pleasure. He wants listeners to feel “ready for space travel,” he says. “Music brings energy and I want them to feel that energy.” It will be released on all streaming platforms and will also have a Dolby Atmos version of it via Apple Music. Fas will be able to pre-order the album on May 12.

Carbon Track list
1. Spark
2. Corporate Sunset
3. Space
5. Zombie Park
6. Dare
7. UFO sex
8. The Crystal Mind
9. Naturalis Principia Musica


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