Kevin Guest shares 8 steps to restore company culture after the pandemic

SALT LAKE CITY, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the COVID-19 pandemic having eroded corporate culture and disrupted the rhythm of co-worker relationships, restoring corporate culture can be challenging. A global CEO and best-selling author on harmony outlines steps business leaders should consider to restore a sustainable corporate culture.

“Inspired by by Peter Drucker quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” I believe restoring culture is critical to leading our businesses out of the pandemic,” said Kevin Guest, President and CEO of USANA Health Science (NYSE: USNA). “Aligning personal values ​​with your employer’s culture brings a sense of peaceful harmony and strengthens teams.”

Best-selling author All the right reasons: 12 timeless principles for living a life in harmony, Guest offers eight steps to help employees and leaders restore corporate culture and grow stronger as an organization.

“The transition to hybrid working is the perfect time to celebrate reuniting with the team that has been successful together during the pandemic,” he said. “Deepening these relationships at corporate and personal events can build a sense of teamwork and harmony.”

Giving back to the community strengthens ties and empowers teams to make a difference outside of themselves.

“Every major company I know of has a strong community outreach program,” Guest said. “This service provides opportunities to forget yourself and help others. When you do this with colleagues, you will see an inner source of fulfillment and gratitude for how you can make a difference and uplift others. “

In his book, Guest writes: “Growing up in Montanawe learned that we are all children of God and that he wants us to love and serve one another.”

USANA Health Sciences’ nonprofit arm, the USANA Foundation, works to end hunger in 37 countries around the world. Regular service by employees binds them and highlights their strengths.

“Then I encourage everyone to focus on their strengths and pay attention to the things they do well,” he said. “Then build on that foundation to reach higher and grow personally and as a business.”

Meeting challenges shows our strengths. In his best-selling book, Guest writes, “When challenges arise, rise up, be strong, and face your problems head-on. You can overcome just about anything if you face them.”

Hailed by CEOs as the most in-demand soft skill, communications brings remarkable power to restore culture.

“Communicate openly. Nothing beats direct, respectful speaking. When we can feel safe to share and receive direct communication, we grow exponentially,” Guest said. “Always share the credit because teamwork is at the heart of any successful business. Thank others individually and in public for how they contribute to the group’s victories. Sometimes it’s appropriate to throw a party or send a note expressing your gratitude.”

If openly congratulating hasn’t been the norm, the world leader says that should go ahead.

“Provide praise. Generously acknowledge the talents and accomplishments of your colleagues. Genuine appreciation energizes colleagues who work hard to ensure the success of projects,” he said. “With this, it is important to build consensus and seek input to involve others when making important decisions.

“When we solicit feedback in safe conversations, others will be more likely to support the projects they have helped develop. More importantly, they will feel valued and recognized.”

A musician at heart, Guest invites everyone to continue learning and growing. “I spent hours at home learning to play the guitar and honing my skills. Although I love music and love playing, it has been hard work. However, the years of hard work hard work has paid off.”

With the country music star Collin RayeGuest shared the stage with Brooks and Dunn, Keith Urban, Diamond Rioand many more.

“Through constant learning and practice, I also had the privilege of playing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashvilleand I know that developing your knowledge and skills will expand your opportunities to contribute meaningfully,” Guest said.

“Implementing these steps will help restore company culture and strengthen teams in the future.”

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