Letter: International Note on the Power of Music

Recently I received an SMS from a friend. He is Ukrainian. His name is Konstantin Klashtorni. He is an arranger, producer, performer for Jazz Artist Kool&Klean, Chillaxin Jazz Kollection, Love Suggestions, Chillaxonic and E Jazz Artistry, as well as productions in his own name.

He and I became friends when I was “The Raven” on local radio. We have been exchanging messages for several years already, long before the current crisis in Ukraine.

His message was simply to make sure I convey his gratitude to all Americans who support the Ukrainian people and to say thank you.

Although he and I never met, a bond was created through what we call music. I know if fate allows me to one day meet him, his wife and children there will be bear hugs illustrating the power of music and how music has this universal language of love and compassion .

My sympathy extends to anyone fleeing violence in their lives. It doesn’t matter if the attacker is in full military gear or just wearing insignia or gang-style clothing.

That’s the message my friend from Ukraine would also say, that everyone should be treated the same. In times of fear, anger or hostility, music speaks for us when that anger and fear leave us speechless.

For that, I should thank my friend from Ukraine for giving me those endless hours of inner peace through his music. Thank you Mr K.

Charles Thomas


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