Mariah Carey wants to provide a singing voice for her memoir adaptation – Music News

Mariah Carey wants her real singing voice used in the screen adaptation of her memoir.

The hitmaker We Belong Together is in the early stages of making a screen adaptation of her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, with director Precious Lee Daniels.

While the lead star of a musical biopic usually plays and sings in the role, that won’t be the case with this project as Mariah wants to do the voice herself.

“Personally, I want a great actress,” she told NME. “I don’t think she has to be a great singer because I can sing all of my songs like I would when I was little … One of the things people don’t know is that I make impressions. I can sound like me when I was younger. I’ve watched a lot of movies and adaptations of people’s life stories and I’m like, “Why don’t they just use their voice? of that person? “I don’t want to hear someone else sing like The Great! I really don’t want to!”

Mariah first revealed that she was talking to “a secret friend” about adapting the memoir to a limited series or feature film last December.

“People also contacted me about this … people that I haven’t heard from in years saying it must be a series or a movie or whatever,” she said. to the Hollywood Reporter. “These things take a long time, so that’s going to be what it is, but I believe in it. I really can’t wait, even as a viewer, to see these stories come to life.”

Daniels later confirmed to The Guardian in February that he was adapting it into a miniseries.

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