Music class turned into touring band performs at Italian Youngstown festival


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Purple Cat in Youngstown has created a group to help their customers learn music. On Friday they performed at the Youngstown Italian Festival downtown.

It was a big turnout for the Feral Cats show on Friday afternoon. The Feral Cats are Purple Cat’s own music group. They performed a great selection of music, even originals.

Group founder Jason Murphy says the group formed easily.

“Right away, I saw a group. I saw singers, drummers. You know, let’s pull that together and form a group, ”Murphy said.

The Purple Cat started their music group just eight years ago, and what started as a music class has now turned into a full-fledged tour.

Wild cats are now playing shows in Mahoning County.

In the past, they have performed at Canfield Fair and Suzie’s on Phelps Street. They will perform at the Royal Oaks Pabstolutely Festival downtown in September.

Murphy says the band is a great way for the folks at Purple Cats to connect.

“Arts and crafts are wonderful. Things like that are wonderful. Working in a functional rock band gives you a sense of self-worth, ”Murphy said.

Purple Cat’s press team, PCTV News, added to the spectacle of the concert.

The media covers everything related to Purple Cat. They spoke with members of the band and recorded the concert on Friday.

“People are interested in interviews, and people were interested in making videos, so I brought up the idea of ​​doing the tour as a press crew, and I thought it would be the perfect day. to do it, ”said Dave Merrick, founder of PCTV News. .

The band members were very excited to play.

“Being in the front row and being the center of attention and playing and singing is just wonderful,” said band leader Mark Castro.

“It’s so much fun,” singer Kristin Seidler said. “It would have been a dream come true that I never dreamed of.”

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