Nashville Design Week Brings Creatives to Music City


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – Nashville is a city filled with designers and entrepreneurs, which is exactly why this week is a big one in our city. Nashville Design Week is underway right now, and people from all walks of life come together for seminars, some virtual, others in person.

The goal of the week is to bring together creatives to collaborate, learn and promote design in Nashville. For people looking for a new job or for networking, it could also be an opportunity to meet people from several different industries.

“The goal is to really promote and uplift the Nashville design community, we want to educate our community. But we also want to promote collaboration. So my favorite thing about Nashville Design Week is that the goal is to bring designers into the room who wouldn’t normally interact with each other, ”said Ann Katherine Vitti, Director papers for Nashville Design Week. “We want chefs to be in the same room as architects and lighting design teams in the same room as city planners. So this is cross promotion in any form of design. Our goal is to really help the world and, like our community, to see Nashville for more than, you know, what people generally think about it, because there’s a really big design community here.

NDW lasts until Friday, November 5. For a complete list of events and seminars and to register, visit All ticket sales benefit the NDW association.

“It’s really about educating, collaborating and promoting design in the city. We always hope that at the end of the week people feel like they’ve met someone new or that a new opportunity has come out of it. We always love to hear that I met this-and-that at “Nashville Design Week,” and now we’re collaborating on this restaurant or this art project, ”Vitti said. You don’t have to be a designer to attend, if there is a design topic, or if you just love art, now is the time to come meet these people and connect.

To attend in person, you must present a negative test or proof of vaccination.

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