NFA urges Ghanaian businesses to leverage advertising through music and videos

Juliette Yaa Asantewaa Asante

The National Film Authority (NFA) has urged Corporate Ghana to take advantage of the huge benefits that come with advertising on music videos and movies.

At a forum titled “NFA meets Corporate Ghana” themed “Advertising and Brand Positioning in Cinema”, the NFA sought to explore underutilized opportunities, such as corporate and filmmaker involvement on the benefits of building strong brand awareness. through audio-visuals.

Madame Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NFA, said the film industry was underutilized, wasting potentials that could benefit young people in creating jobs and wealth.

Ms. Asante said, “A lot of people are looking to the creative industry for a rebound because it has the potential to create $20 billion in Africa, but only $5 billion has been raised, providing jobs and subsistence”.

She advised companies to see the film industry, especially films and music videos, as the means to reach their audiences with their messages, as well as to reach their preferred destinations in a comprehensive and profitable way.

Ms. Asante said music videos have the potential to communicate messages through the creation of branded content, for lasting effects of the past, present and future.

She noted that brands could be strengthened through product placement, sponsorship brand ads, feature films/documentaries, video games, music videos, cartoon animations, among others.

Mr. Danny Damah, Film and TV Producer, said in his address that there is a need for brands in Ghana to do product placement advertisements, which are more economical and captivating with the advent of digital media.

Mr. Damah said that with the emergence of new media, one can still transform their multimedia content from a DVD player to a hard drive without losing the impact of the content.

He said that with the benefits of product placement, companies are financially constrained and, due to the high cost of data, are unable to purchase the services of content creators in the film industry.

The TV producer called on content creators to partner with multiple brands to raise funds for their projects and be able to create premium and quality content to drive value for their services.

Ghanaian filmmaker and creative director Mr. Ivan Quarshigah revealed that viewing habits have changed and content creators need to convince companies to partner with them to leverage their strengths.

He said companies have resorted to mobile technology, which makes it difficult for filmmakers to appreciate the film industry’s efforts.

Mr. Quashigah advised filmmakers to rethink ways to convince Corporate Ghana to support the film industry again to create opportunities for younger people in the creative industry.

He said the sustainability of the film industry depends on the quality and originality of content, and if filmmakers worked on it, they would one day reap the rewards of their investments.

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