Petition launched to get big business to release Australian music to stranded ‘on-hold’ consumers


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Pressure for Australian companies and big business to do more for the local music scene has intensified, with the launch of a petition calling on them to prioritize Australian songs for their ‘music on hold’ instead. that to boring and generic tunes.

The petition notes that this would give Australian artists who have been brought to their knees by the pandemic and associated lockdowns a chance to feature their original songs, while providing consumers with an alternative earworm.

“Currently, many companies are using unlicensed music on a repeat loop designed to hang up customers or incur a persistent earworm,” the petition states.

“If you have to wait hours to speak to a company representative, wouldn’t you prefer to have fun while supporting Australian musicians in their hard work? “

The petition was started by entertainment industry publicist Karen Eck.

Eck said she was struck by the idea when she tried to talk to someone in Qantas for more than seven hours.

Instead of repeating the same 15-second sound clip, Eck said, “What if the music is the best of emerging and established Australian artists? We could save the mental health of customers and support the music industry at the same time ”.

The campaign is also seeking support from APRA AMCOS, which manages the licensing of Australian music.

“It is only fair that musicians are compensated via royalties, especially since many have lost their livelihoods in the past 18 months, with Covid decimating the industry. We need a creative philanthropic solution. Let’s keep Australian music alive, ”the petition says.

Musician Lucy Washington, who now plays the role of Lucy Lucy, has emitted a similar sentiment on social media in recent days.

“Hey Centrelink, if you’re interested in playing more Australian music when people are on hold, can I suggest my song ‘$ 25’? It’s about having all the money in my bank account and I think the irony of listening to me while I was on hold would be * boss kiss *. “

The move follows that of Jack River, who recently called on Channel 7 and big business to more visibly support Australian music – whether through celebratory songs on coverage of the Tokyo Olympics or streaming it over the top. – supermarket speakers.

In response, Channel 7 reporter and presenter Edwina Bartholomew said the network had heard the screams and would broadcast more local tunes when the Olympics were broadcast.

Coles Radio, which is broadcast in its supermarkets and is also the country’s No.1 DAB + station, also said RTM this would increase the number of Australian songs in rotation.

You can sign the petition here.

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