Punjabi Cinema and Music | Punjabi sexist songs that became super hits

Punjabi songs that take Bollywood’s road to success are becoming sexist and problematic with each passing day. The lyrics are offensive and normalize stereotypes, and they get by without a much needed outcry in society or the media. The fact that millions of people watch and dance to these songs only makes the situation more complex. We have selected some of the sexist songs from Punjab at the top of the charts.

Laung Laachi: This song claims to be the first Indian song to become the most watched song. The music is catchy and the song quickly climbed the charts. But the problematic part of this song? How women are described as gold diggers, girlfriends or demanding wives. In this song we see the woman = asking for a pair of payments. I don’t know why the creators didn’t think the male character was just giving her rewards rather than showing her looking for them.

Lehanga : Song with Mahira Khan and sung by Jass Manak has over a billion views. The song’s script is even more problematic than the lyrics, as the plot only shows one girlfriend asking for a “Lehanga” throughout the song and how she convinces her boyfriend for it.

I mean, what kind of relationship are they trying to show where a girlfriend has to do such things just to get a gift from her partner. Why portray a woman as dependent and demanding?

8 Parché : Bani Sandhu song has lyrics like “Bebe baapu puchde munde di degree Ki dassaan 8 chalde tere te parche Tu yaara pichhe phirda pavauna 26’an 26 saal di kuwari baithi tere Karke”. The song involves the woman’s parents asking about the man’s degree and job, and she hides from her parents that the man is a thug with more FIRs filed against him.

Apart from these lyrics, the plot of the theme is also problematic where the boyfriend, a criminal who confuses and sometimes even shoots other people who is just talking to his girlfriend and the girlfriend is shown praising his actions rather than acting. against a criminal lover.

Kale I Libas – The song was much loved and appreciated by everyone on the internet. The problem lies in the story where the guy constantly keeps an eye on a girl in his neighborhood, what she’s wearing, where she’s going, and the girl seems to like it, and that can’t be true that a woman can’t take advantage of someone by looking at her or following her, today if a woman faces such things the first thing that comes to her mind is to kill this man or give the man at the police.

diamond : Song by Gurnam Bhullar still a very popular song from Punjabi Music Industry but with a very problematic way of showing a woman.

Throughout the song, the female character is presented as a gold digger who is only impressed with lavish cars, expensive gifts, and an obsession with diamonds. Why such a poor representation of women as girlfriends?

Coka : Punjabi hit song by Sukhe and Muzical Doctorz, the song is about how a man praises his interest in women and her nose ring throughout the song. Throughout the song the lady is portrayed as something the singer wants to have and that’s why praising her from head to toe like anything. Throughout the song, the woman is simply used as the centerpiece, enticing viewers with her moves and adding glamor to the song.

Surprised? So most of the time we don’t even pay attention to the meaning or the words and dance to the beats. From the negative portrayal of women as gold diggers, being demanding or showing a man stalking a girl has been central to the success of these videos. It is high time to accept objections and force them to write better music.

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