Republic Records Artists and Music Executives Honor Brothers Monte and Avery Lipman at City of Hope’s Spirit of Life Gala

Several of Archives of the Republic‘ the greatest and brightest, including the Weeknd, Billy Porter and John Legend, the famous winners Monte and Avery Lipman to city ​​of hope Spirit of Life Gala Thursday night in West Hollywood.

The artists took to the Pacific Design Center, which was painted in shades of blue and purple for the night, to pay tribute to the founders of Republic Records for their overall contributions to funding cancer research, diabetes and HIV/AIDS through their work with City of Hope.

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But the magic of the evening, according to City of Hope Philanthropy Director Kristin Bertell, was the union of music industry executives, who came together for an honorable cause: to find a cure for cancer. .

“City of Hope is the charity of the music industry and for 49 years this group has raised funds for our mission,” Bertell said. “All these music industry icons, they’ve really taken a toll on their business competitiveness, and it’s about beating cancer.”

The night featured performances by Jack Johnson; Porter, who hosted the event and sang her upcoming single “Audacity”; and new Republic Records signee Sekou, who delivered a deeply moving rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.”

But despite the events of the night heralded by some clues (including a filmed sketch on the brothers’ “Succession” theme with cameos from Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers), the room was still surprised to see the Jonas Brothers to get on stage. and perform their songs “Leave Before You Love Me” and “Sucker”.

Porter, who wore a black sequined suit with a pair of black-rimmed glasses, opened the evening by singling out Universal Music Publishing Group President and CEO Jody Gerson and Republic Records Co-Presidents Wendy Goldstein. and Jim Roppo. Each spoke to the public about their relationship with the Lipman brothers. UMG Executive Vice President Michele Anthony shared her story for her speech, when she presented Monte and Avery Lipman with the Spirit of Life Award.

“Monte and Avery are kind, caring, smart, supportive, passionate, and philanthropic leaders. If you work for Republic, you’re part of their family forever,” Anthony said. “But whether you work at Republic or not, if someone is going through a difficult time or dealing with an illness, Monte and Avery are there. Countless times I have witnessed their compassion, love and generosity. … For all these reasons, Monte and Avery, you embody the Spirit of Life.

After pledging a $100,000 donation with his brother to City of Hope at the auction, Avery Lipman took to the mic. “Neither of us forget what it means to have the privilege and honor to help City of Hope. And how truly grateful [we are] of the partnership and support we’ve had along the way to get us here tonight,” he said.

Mount Lipman then addressed the crowd, telling the audience about his own battle with cancer.

“What started as a routine visit to the doctor eight years ago turned into a real medical emergency that changed my life forever. For those of you in this category, you understand the crippling fear and anxiety you felt during those dark times,” Monte Lipman said. “I’ve always been sympathetic and sensitive to cancer initiatives, but until you walk through the fire yourself, you don’t really understand the seriousness of the emotional distress, which becomes all-consuming. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and you can barely breathe.

The personal experience ultimately changed the way the music executive viewed cancer care and support, he said.

“I’ve learned that human connection remains the most powerful antidote to managing your emotions and your spirit in people,” added Monte Lipman.

“For Avery and me to be recognized as someone who can help make a difference in the fight against cancer is truly an honor. Most importantly, our true inspiration remains centered on the extraordinary doctors, scientists, caregivers, advisors of City of Hope and, of course, the families who need our resources, support and kindness,” he said. he concluded.

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