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Ringo starr released a music video for his uplifting new song “Let’s Change the World”, the lead song of the old Beatles the recently released drummer Change the Word EP.

The clip features scenes that Starr shot with a variety of children, teens and young adults at Beverly Hills Park in Los Angeles at the site of Ringo’s peace sculpture, and on a soundstage.

The video was created in collaboration with Kids in the Spotlight (KITS), a non-profit organization that offers young people in the foster care system the opportunity to make films that tell their stories, giving them the opportunity to heal and grow while preparing them for potential future employment opportunities.

Many young people from the KITS program contributed their ideas for the video and also participated or helped with the production, lighting, choreography and photography for the clip.

The video shows the young people dancing, singing, flashing peace signs and playing instruments, and the clip also features images and footage that illustrate the song’s message to help make the planet a better place in the face of pollution, to global warming and social unrest.

“I wanted to make this video with kids because they’re our future and it’s for them,” Ringo said in a statement. “They deserve clean water and fresh air. I believe we should leave this planet in better shape than we found for our children, and at the moment we are not … We have to change, and I believe we can. Peace and love.”

Toto guitarist Steve lukather, who co-wrote “Let’s Change the World” with his bandmate Joseph williams, also appears in the clip.

The EP Change the World is available now on CD, cassette and digital formats. A 10-inch vinyl version will be released on November 19.

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