Round Hill’s Spending Madness Continues

Round Hill’s spending madness continues – Round Hill Music has announced some new investments – making it three in three days.

The Richardsons

The fund has bought back 100% of a catalog of 308 songs from the Richardsons, Jack and his son Garth, made up of producer royalties and neighboring rights revenues. Garth Richardson is a Canadian record producer and musical engineer. He is the son of music producer Jack Richardson CM, who was described as a pioneer of the music recording industry in the 1960s and 1970s.

The catalog includes No. 1 songs “Send the Pain Below” (Chevelle), “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine), “Night Moves” (Bob Seger), “Swing Life Away” (Rise Against) and “stubborn” (Trap)

Catalog artists include Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Rage Against The Machine, Chevelle, Nickelback, Rise Against, Trapt and Mudvayne

Garth Richardson once won Canada’s Juno Award for Producer of the Year and was nominated twice for that award and a Grammy Award.

The Junos honored Jack by naming him the recipient of the “Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award” in 1986 for his significant contribution to the Canadian music industry and renaming the “Producer of the Year” award to “Jack Richardson. Producer of the Year ”in 2003. Jack’s influence in the music industry was also recognized by inducting him into the Order of Canada

The catalog is heavily exposed to streaming, accounting for 72% of the revenue mix, with the rest being 6% physical, 5% download, 4% sync, 10% other, and 3% audio exchange.

The top five songs ranked by turnover are: “The Red” (Chevelle), “Send the Pain Below” (Chevelle), “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine), “Swing Life” (Rise Against ) and “Stubborn” (Trap).


The other purchase announced today was for the main recordings and music publishing assets of US reggae group Rebelution. This catalog includes the ownership of the master recordings of the entire career of Rebelution, including the share of the neighboring rights of the rights holder, and also includes the music publishing assets of Rebelution.

the wallet hadn’t had much reggae exposure before that. Part of the attraction is that the band spins a lot, playing in big venues across America, helping to propel future catalog revenues.

The acquisition is shared equally with Round Hill Private Fund III.

Founded in Isla Vista, California, we reggae band Rebelution has succeeded remarkable success of its kind since the release of its 2007 debut album, Courage to grow. In 2009, the group dominated Billboard Reggae Album Chart for the first of what would be five in a row # 1 Billboard reggae records; in 2014 they boasted of the best-selling reggae album exit of the year and in 2016, they got a Grummy nomination for best reggae album. The rebellion had Red Rocks sold-out shows, Colorado at the Greek theater, California as well as festival slots in Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, ACL, Glastonbury and more. The group has independently sold over half a million albums to date.

The catalog features diversified revenue exhibits including, on the master side, streaming, accounting for 73% of the revenue mix, with the balance comprised of 18% publishing, 6% neighboring rights, and 3% others. In terms of geographic exposure, 90% of turnover comes from the United States, while the balance comes from other countries.

The best songs ranked by income are: Feeling Alright “,” Fade Away “,” Safe And Sound “,” Free Rein “and” Count Me In “.

RHM: Round Hill’s Spending Madness Continues

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