Sly Stone Net Worth Age, Ethnicity, Wife, Height, Career & More!!

The United States of America greatly recognizes Sly Stone’s beautiful voice. The famous songwriter is a versatile artist and composes songs in different genres. Moreover, the amazing fan of the artist is the biggest proof of his success in the global music industry. He is now 79 years old and continues to contribute enormously to the entertainment industry. You can also follow your favorite singer on social media right now. This content provides information about his personal life and early life. Know his earnings and other secrets only in this news article.

Learn more about the life of Sly Stone!! Sly Stone Height and Weight

Sly’s musical style is completely different from any other singing sensation in Hollywood. Moreover, he likes to give the essence of psychedelia, rock and soul to all his fans. It is indeed unique how he sings and Sly Stone is undoubtedly a creative expert. It is fair to acknowledge his phenomenal contribution to the musical world and how he defined music in a new way. Sly Stone’s songs are now famous beyond geographical borders.

What is Sly Stone doing now in 2022 Net Worth Age, Ethnicity, Wife, Height, Career & More!!

sneaky stoneThe current weight is around 78 kg while his height is around 5 feet 9 inches. His knowledge of the different fields of music is exceptional since his childhood only. Sexual orientation Sly is straight and he is also married with two children.

Age and early life explored

Denton of Texas, USA is Sly’s birthplace. His real name is Sylvester Stewart. Later he performed under his stage name Sly Stone. The star was born into a very religious middle-class American family on March 15, 1973. Stone’s proud parents are Alpha and KC Stewart. Sly’s connection to music is indeed long.

Moreover, after growing up, he also became a member of several groups and made a remarkable impact on the listeners. But very little information is available on the names of his schools, colleges or universities, or on his educational background.

At first, little Sylvestor formed a small group with his siblings Rose, Loretta and Freddie. The children used to sing the gospels in a famous church and received immense appreciation. They named the group “The Stewart Four”. That’s when Sly’s interest in music came into the limelight.

Deviating from the normal singing style, he tried to forge a new path on his own. Such initiatives forced hundreds of viewers to listen to him more. In 1967, he formed his own band Family Stone which gained huge recognition in the 60s. Additionally, Stone rose to fame after working with the amazing members of Autumn Records.

Girlfriend/wife and kids

In 1974 Sly married Kathy Silva and has a son named Sylvestor Jr. with her. Sadly, the two divorced only after two years, in 1976. He later remarried Cynthia Robinson in the same year. From his second wife, the singer has two children. The first is Sylvette and the second is Novena Carmel.

Born March 15, 1973
Age 79
Joint Kathy Silva
Children Sylvette, Novena Carmel
Networth $200

The world also knows her daughter as a brilliant singer. Much like her father, Novena also felt a deep connection to tunes and music. Her innovative singing talent has received great responses worldwide.

Net worth and career

Records from 2022 indicate that $200,000 is Sly Stone’s estimated net worth at present. Creating remarkable songs and hard work are the only reasons to collect such wealth in their lifetime. Sly has never compromised when it comes to music. Also, for him, delivering great music was his ultimate goal in life, not money.

He sang from the bottom of his heart. But the industry paid him the right price for all his immense contribution. People consider him as the pioneer of Funk Music. Indeed, his songs have a breathtaking impact on millions of music lovers around the world. The greatness of this prodigious personality is something the global music world will never forget.

Sly Stone’s achievement in the music world cannot be expressed in just two lines. The number of awards and recognitions is truly overwhelming. During her career, Stone gained incredible popularity and prosperity.

Global audiences have greatly accepted his voice and shown unconditional love for the singer. Moreover, he also held a prestigious position in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. The youth of the current generation really love his music and many aspiring musicians and singers consider him their idol.


Sly Stone’s name deserves to be mentioned whenever you talk about the American music industry and its best feelings. Such a great musician is very rare these days. The legendary artist and his work will stay with us forever.


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