Songwriters Ali Tamposi and Tamar Kaprelian launch ‘Song Start’, an educational series starring Phoebe Bridgers, John Legend and more


Grammy-nominated songwriter Ali Tamposi and music industry veteran Tamar Kaprelian today launched a new series of digital educational videos and podcasts “Song Start”, which is available on the Noteable platform recently launched by Spotify for Artists.

The series opens with ten video episodes with artists such as John Legend, Camila Cabello, Charli XCX and Phoebe Bridgers (pictured above), and ten corresponding podcast episodes explore and explain the topics of songwriting, songwriting, production, business, music and state of mind, starring singers Sam Smith and Hayley Williams and producer-songwriter Take a Day Trip.

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Tamposi says, “We are excited to be able to pull the curtain back and give aspiring musicians global access to the tips and tools that industry professionals use on a daily basis. Looking at the world today, it is more important than ever that everyone has access to creative opportunities. “

Kaprelian adds, “Although we are more connected than ever and people’s access to technology is growing exponentially, barriers to entry still remain high! Quality music education is not readily available around the world. It is not aggregated in one place; information is fragmented. Not to mention that musicians and industry professionals sometimes run into debt when they attend music school. Our goal is to create a place to learn.

Directed by documentary filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve, the video episodes include in-depth tutorials on how to make a demo (Tokimonsta), art and character (Hayley Kiyoko and Ingrid Andress), DIY recording setups (Kito) , collaboration (Charli XCX and Tove Lo), writing hooks (Tamposi and Andrew Watt), the music industry in general (Kaprelian), and more.

The podcast episodes delve even deeper into topics such as song structures (Victoria Monét), burnout avoidance (Hayley Williams), the ins and outs of PROs, collecting societies and l ‘publishing (BMI executives and Warner Chappell), music theory (Top40 Theory), and identity & authenticity (Abir and Fauozia), among others. The visual and audio content is accompanied by a wide range of articles on Noteable, with written materials, glossaries, and more.

According to the announcement, Tamposi and Kaprelian (pictured above, right and left respectively) have joined forces to “demystify the profession of songwriting, music production and music business for new writers and artists. Drawing on a dynamic experience working with some of the world’s greatest superstars, they will provide invaluable insight into this often complicated industry as part of this freely accessible globally-accessible program.

Beginning of the song – List of episodes


  • Ep 1: Nija Charles – Song structure

  • Ep 2: Kito – Configuration for a demo

  • Ep 3: Camila Cabello – Creative Productivity and Avoiding Burnout

  • Ep 4: Charli XCX & Tove Lo – Inspiration & Collaboration

  • Ep 5: Ali Tamposi & Andrew Watt – Songwriting & Hooks

  • Ep 6: Phoebe Bridgers & Marshall Vore – Recording an acoustic demo

  • Ep 7: Tamar Kaprelian – Who’s Who in the Music Industry?

  • Ep 8: TOKiMONSTA – Building a demo

  • Ep 9: Ingrid Andress & Hayley Kiyoko – Artistry and Stage Persona

  • Ep 10: John Legend – Final Episode – At the Top


  • Ep 1: Victoria Monét – Song structure

  • Ep 2: ULTRAGABE – First steps with production equipment

  • Ep 3: Hayley Williams – Avoiding Burnout

  • Ep 4: Chaz Cardigan – Inspiration & Collaboration

  • Ep 5: Asaf Peres / Top40 Theory – The Music Theory Toolkit

  • Ep 6: Take a Day Trip – The Production Process

  • Ep 7: Alex Salibian (Nvak Collective) & Justice Badain (LVRN) – The New Industry

  • Ep 8: Samantha Cox (BMI) & Sam Sklar (Warner Chappell) – PROs & Editors

  • Ep 9: Faouzia & Abir – Artists on identity

  • Ep 10: Sam Smith – At the Top

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