Starcrawler Shares Exciting New Song & Music Video “Stranded”; New album she said on September 16

Starcrawler shares exciting new song and music video

LA-based band Starcrawler have just released their latest single and music video, “Stranded,” and it’s a ’90s dream. The title is taken from their upcoming album. She says, is due out September 16th, and it’s a perfect example of the raw, snappy energy and infectious hooks the band is known for.

The video for “Stranded” was directed by Gilbert Trejo and captures the lyrical feeling of the track while depicting an LA party vibe with a colorful cast of characters. The lyrics tell the story of an unrequited love, with singer Arrow de Wilde singing wistfully: “Stuck on the side of a one-way street…the stars in his eyes won’t shine on me.. .” You can check out the track below.

Guitarist Henri Cash shares the story behind the track. “At the start of covid I missed the adrenaline of having a show and going out to play it so I was just driving my car with nowhere to go and trying to write something and being so uninspired . And then one day I got hit by another car on Figueroa and Highland Park – and it turned out to be Phoebe Bridgers’ guitarist. The song came from that rock’n’roll car accident and became a joke about Tim (Franco)’s weird crush on Phoebe Bridgers – and then it became something totally different.

The band are currently on a whirlwind trip around the world, showcasing their fierce and tight musicality, and they will be playing a special release show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on September 16th.

The new album is sure to be a hit with fans, and “Stranded” is a perfect example of what they can expect. Starcrawler’s authentic, unfiltered intensity sets them apart from other bands, and “Stranded” is a perfect example.

She says track list:

1. Road fatalities
2. She said
3. Failed
4. Thursday
5. Broken Angels
6. Jet Black
7. True
8. Midnight
9. Runaway
10. Best Place


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