Suki Waterhouse Unsure of Her Music Career E! News UK

Suki Waterhouse was hesitant to embark on a musical career.

The 30-year-old model and actress has just released her 10-track debut album ‘I Can’t Let Go’, but admitted she hasn’t been sure about the project for a long time.

She told Variety, “It was something I desperately wanted to do. For probably the last four years as I put out these singles, I guess I was testing my own mettle and whether people would like it or not. I was definitely slow, only releasing one a year isn’t the best way to run your music business… I’ve been writing this for a long time, but it’s like reality happening, I was not not sure. And then I just decided to do this.”

Although Suki has been happily dating Robert Pattinson, 35, for a few years, she revealed that the album opener “Moves” was written at a time in her life when she was “too in love.”

She explained: “How it’s so tiring, it’s so exhausting. I was alone for a few years and I was quite isolated. I think this song was kind of rebuilding me, I’m going there go this time and I’m really going to have to put myself in danger I think I actually have something to give this time, rather than trying to fill a void and step into something that you know is there going to be a At the time, I was thinking about how I wanted to make a song that Thelma and Louise would listen to, that would be on the track as they left the mountain.

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