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CNN) – Spring break is supposed to be fun, relaxing and carefree. But unfortunately, many Americans during this peak travel season face problems reaching their destinations due to extreme weather conditions. On the East Coast, thunderstorms pushed back thousands of flights yesterday and further delays are expected over the weekend.

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1. Supreme Court

The Senate yesterday confirmed President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, in a historic vote that paves the way for her to become the first black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court. The tally was 53 to 47, with Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joining Democrats in voting in favour. Jackson will be sworn in after Justice Stephen Breyer retires this summer. Until then, she will remain in her current position on the United States Court of Appeals, a White House official told CNN. Former first lady Michelle Obama praised Jackson yesterday, thanking the judge for giving black women and girls ‘a new dream to dream, a new path to forge and a future we can all hope for. “.


Dozens of people were killed and injured after two missiles hit a train station used as an evacuation hub in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, Ukrainian officials said today. Thousands of people were at the station during the missile strike, amid the evacuation of residents of the Donetsk region to safer areas of the country, a Ukrainian military official said. It comes as Russian shelling of towns in eastern and southern Ukraine persists, despite Russian troops having ‘completely withdrawn’ from northern Ukraine to Belarus and Russia, according to the British ministry of the defense. Separately, the UN General Assembly yesterday voted to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council following high-profile allegations of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.


The United States will likely see an increase in Covid-19 cases in the fall, warns Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert. With the lifting of many mask mandates and restrictions for indoor environments, Fauci pointed out that there has been a decline in immunity and that we should expect to see an increase in cases when colder weather arrives. ‘fall. This week, the coronavirus also hit a string of DC lawmakers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tested positive for Covid-19, a spokesperson for the California Democrat said yesterday. Two members of Biden’s cabinet also tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, but the White House said the president tested negative the same evening as part of regular testing.

4. Asset

The New York Attorney General has asked a court to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt for allegedly failing to comply with a court order ordering him to turn over certain documents for an investigation. In a motion filed yesterday, Attorney General Letitia James’ office said Trump ‘did not comply at all’ with the subpoena and his lawyers said he would produce ‘no’ documents in response. to the subpoena because his lawyers believe that if the documents exist, the Trump Organization will have them and the Attorney General’s office “will only have to wait until the Trump Organization is finished producing to get them.” James is asking the court to impose a fine of $10,000 a day, or any amount the court deems sufficient to compel Trump to comply. Meanwhile, the criminal investigation into Trump and his company also continues as prosecutors examine new evidence, the Manhattan District Attorney said yesterday.

5. North Korea

New satellite images show signs that North Korea is digging a tunnel again at its underground nuclear test site, raising fears the country is planning another nuclear test, and possibly another missile launch. It comes as North Korea could take “another provocative action” next week as part of the April 15 holiday in Pyongyang celebrating the birthday of the country’s founding father Kim Il Sung, according to the Department’s special representative. for North Korea. The United States and its allies believe North Korea is beginning to prepare for a possible underground nuclear test for the first time since 2017. A number of U.S. officials say North Korea has effectively resumed tunneling and construction activities at the underground site, but currently remains uncertain in how soon the scheme could launch a test.


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That’s the number of books banned in 16 Texas school districts, according to PEN America, an advocacy organization for literature and free speech. The group says many banned books tell stories related to LGBTQ people and people of color.


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