Tabernacle Choir announces 3 pilot programs, trip to Mexico in 2023

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has pilot programs to expand its reach and mission by expanding “Music & the Spoken Word,” a different approach to travel and including more international voices in the choir, leaders announced on the site. Group Web on Friday, November 18. , as well as on

The choir also announced plans to travel to Mexico City, Mexico from June 13-19, 2023.

In a meeting with the full choir membership this week, including the Tabernacle Choir, Temple Square Orchestra, Temple Square Bells and other volunteers and professional staff, President Russell Mr. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared his vision for the choir.

“The Church will continue to grow. He will fill the world. He will continue to bless more and more nations, tongues, and peoples,” President Nelson said. “The Lord is hastening His work in the promised worldwide gathering of Israel. You can be sure that the choir, orchestra and bells of the Tabernacle in Temple Square will be a central feature of this era.

The Tabernacle Choir in Temple Square President Mike Leavitt, center, with First Counselor L. Whitney Clayton, left, and Second Counselor Gary B. Porter.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mission statement

The choir presidency, which is comprised of choir president Mike O. Leavitt and two advisors, President L. Whitney Clayton and President Gary B. Porter, announced a change to the choir’s mission statement. organization – adding the words “worldwide”.

The expanded mission statement now reads, “The Tabernacle Choir in Temple Square performs music that inspires people everywhere to draw closer to the divine and feel God’s love for His children.”

Pilot projects

  • “Music and speech”: The weekly “Music & the Spoken Word” show will be expanded with foreign language versions, Chairman Clayton said. The first two languages ​​will be Spanish and Portuguese, with pilot broadcasts due to begin next year. These episodes will include native speakers presenting the “Spoken Word” messages with graphics and visuals reflecting the geographies.

The weekly text “Spoken Word” is available in 16 languages, the choir’s website said earlier this year. The broadcasts are streamed on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nationwide Facebook pages and include language captions for the spoken introduction and closing signature, song titles, and message. “Spoken Word”.

  • Travel: Travel assignments will be shorter and more frequent with a smaller, more nimble travel agency, Chairman Porter explained. Historically, the choir has traveled every two years. From now on, the choir will travel annually but for a shorter period. Choir leaders and staff will also experience greater joint performance and coordination with other Church entities. The choir will test this new travel pilot with an assignment in Mexico City from June 13-19, 2023.

The choir’s Heritage Tour, originally planned for 2020, in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom has been postponed to 2021 and then 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic; it was eventually cancelled.

In 2018, the choir’s Classic Coast Tour had performances in several California cities and in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington.

  • Reflecting global membership: For the choir to better reflect the global church, plans are underway to have qualified Latter-day Saint singers from Mexico, Central America, South America, West Africa, the Philippines and Asia are auditioning for opportunities to sing with the choir in the April 2023 conference, President Leavitt announced.

“It is possible that this is a one-time event. Or maybe it will be something we do periodically. The most likely outcome, however, is that through this pilot project, we will gradually see new options and possibilities that will help the choir better represent the global church,” President Leavitt said in the press release.

President Leavitt said the choir will move forward in faith, one step at a time, to “inspire people around the world to draw closer to the divine and feel God’s love for His children.”

The choir in 2022

Over the past year, choir leaders have worked to expand the reach of the Tabernacle Choir.

In February, the choir presidency announced four “high-level” goals:

1. Expand the choir’s digital audience.

2. Magnify the missionary role of the choir.

3. Ensure that the choir reflects the global mission of the Church.

4. Increase global visibility.


Thurl Bailey speaks with Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé at the conference center before the “Music & the Spoken Word” broadcast in Salt Lake City on Sunday, August 21, 2022.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Also this year, former NBA player Thurl Bailey joined the rotating host group for in-person audiences during the weekly “Music & the Spoken Word” shows. The Piano Guys duo of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson was a guest on “Music & the Spoken Word” in August. Recently, the West Point Glee Club performed with the choir for Veterans Day.

How to listen

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