Tech-house overtakes techno as the most popular genre of electronic music

IMS Business Report 2022: tech house tops Beatport’s ranking

the IMS activity report 2022 revealed that after holding 2nd place for the past few years, tech house overtook techno in 2021 as the top-selling genre. But what determined this trend?

There’s a lot of interesting data to take in. What marked electronic music in 2021? What trends are shaping 2022 so far? All these answers are well explained in the IMS Business Report 2022 which has just been unveiled. Aiming to be everyone’s eyes on what’s happening in the electronic music industry, International Music Summit (IMS) analyzes key facts and digests them, then delivers what the most relevant findings are. What do the numbers tell us this time around? This report seeks to go beyond the numbers and so do we.

One of the hot topics raised by this analysis is tech house. Yes, last year’s IMS Business Report already showed a growing trend towards this genre, an omen that is now confirmed. According to the report, when it comes to music production available on the Beatport charts, tech house is the most popular genre. This means that it sits at the top of the Beatport charts and is the best-selling genre. For a few years, this place belonged to techno and tech house followed in second place. The trend has reversed and techno is now in second place, making tech house the leading genre in the download trend. Techno still managed to maintain its reign until the first quarter of 2021, but then tech house took over the top spot and kept it.

IMS 2022 activity report

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Digging deeper into the data, IMS Business Report 2022 also compiles a small label ranking based on the number of tech house tracks on the Beatport charts over the past twelve months. From first to fifth position, all with very competitive squads, we find Repopulate Mars, Sink or swim, Tool shop trax, La Pera Recordsand Black Book Records. Evaluating the same criteria, the report also calculates a top 5 tech house artists, in which from the first to the fifth position we find the British COOKIESthe Italian Moreno Pezzolatothe German NightFunkthe Polish duo DO NOT FLASHand the American Dilon Nathaniel.

Thus tech house takes the throne, followed by techno, house, melodic house & techno, drum and bass, deep house, dance/electro pop, progressive house, minimal/deep tech and finally trance. The growth of tech house as a successful genre seems to have accompanied the revival of the industry in the transitional and now post-pandemic scene, apparently saying that tech house is exactly what new trends are made of. What do you think of that?

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