The 2022 Jiande Original Landscape Music Festival is held in Jiande, Hangzhou The event, held on a summer evening in good weather, ends successfully

JIANDE, China, July 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The evening of July 9ththe opening ceremony on the 20 China 17℃ Jiande Xin’an River Culture and Tourism Festival, organized by the popular Zhejiang radio station FM96.8 and presented alongside the Jiande Original Landscape Music Festival 2022, was held at from Hangzhou Jiande Aviation City. The poetic beauty of Jiande’s landscape was showcased as the event was staged on a perfect summer evening accompanied by a gentle breeze.

The summer music festival was held on the vast grassy lawn of Jiande Aviation Town, creating a romantic nighttime atmosphere.

During the opening ceremony, the organizer made a presentation, under the theme “Livable Jiande for Common Prosperity”, about what is on offer in and around Jiande for the interested visitor. The presentation included descriptions of the region’s 21 walking tours, with something on offer for all types of interest, including tours focusing on local culture, the region’s tourist highlights, sports, what’s fun to do in Jiande and what’s worth buying there. The presenter also spent a few minutes reviewing highlights from previous editions of the event.

The event began with a spectacular butterfly drone show.

The 2022 Jiande Original Landscape Music Festival featured the top 10 original musical works that had been selected by a panel of experts. The selection was the result of a six-month process that began with 325 applications of which 50 were chosen in the first round and then 20 in the second round. The 10 ultimate winners were chosen from the 20 finalists. A number of musicians have shown their affection for Jiande and its unique landscape by creating several musical genres of songs about the city at the county level, including folk, rap and R&B. A contribution stood out with his words “I have heard of a place called Jiande and its famous landscape, the plum blossoms are falling, it is beyond words, the incredible beauty of Daciyan and the valley of lovers…”

By creating original songs about Jiande, the musicians not only celebrated the poetic beauty and vitality of the city and the Zhejiang province, but also highlighted the hospitality of locals who warmly welcome visitors from all over the world. All attendees immersed themselves in the charming music festival that felt like a midsummer night’s dream.


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